Avenger gear question


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Avenger gear question

I'm looking to start up an Avenger paladin, the 20 into vengeance build, and was hoping to get some input on my gear setup before I go looking to buy it.

Weapon: Beast Cacedeus
Armor: Fort Wire Fleece
Shield: Mosers right now, hoping to get an Exile 40+ resist shield
Gloves: Draculs
Belt: String of Ears
Boots: Gore Riders
Helm: Vamp Gaze
Ring1: BK Wedding Band
Ring2: Ravenfrost
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath

is there anything I'm missing or something I'm making that's terribly wrong? I like beast because if I get +3 veng on that it increses the dmg output a lot and I won't have fanat running since conviction is my main aura.


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What I always do with my Vengeance paladins is choose an element and then sort of mold him around it...for instance, with a cold-style vengeadin, I'd 20 that resist freeze aura and use a doom along with my conviction. You could experiment with Hand of Justice and Crescent Moon as well.


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I wonder why Grief is never mentioned when it comes to options for the avenger. It is the highest single handed dmg weapon in the game and on a phase blade, u no longer have to worry about ias. Also has itd.


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Ok, after a bit more research, I can answer my own question.

Grief's hidden dmg does not benefit vengeance's elemental damage.

Eilo Rytyj

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Beast isn't a very good Avenger weapon at all. Vengeance damage is based entirely on your weapon's damage, so an EBotD Berserker Axe is the best choice. Only an ethereal rare weapon with more than 415% ed, 40% IAS, 2 sockets and self-repair beats it.

Hand of Justice, Doom, and Crescent Moon are all more suited to a Conviction Zealot than an Avenger, since they all possess mediocre weapon damage. Since Vengeance is a slow attack (8 frames max speed), you'll want it to do as much damage as possible per hit.

Fortitude's damage bonus will only affect the physical part of your attack. A CoH might be better, +2 Skills increases Vengeance damage, Holy Shield and other things. You'll want to save as many skill points for Vengeance synergies instead of investing in Holy Shield. CoH, as well as other +skill items, can let you leave Holy Shield as a 1-point wonder.

You might want to consider Dream helm and shield. Fully synergised, it adds 1-7005 damage to your attack, and both synergies benefit Vengeance too. They're also great items on their own, the Confuse curse makes for great crowd control. The dual Dreams also make for a very powerful 1-point Charge as well. Lightning is also one of the easiest immunities to break with Conviction.

With an EBotDz, you'll need 90% IAS to reach a 9 frame attack. The weapon has 60%, so you'd need 30% more. Highlord's Wrath and Bloodfists IMO are the best way to get there.

You'd actually benefit more from the Lower Resist curse, or even Decrepify, than Life Tap. Dracul's takes up a gear slot that can be used for IAS to get to 9 frames. You can get LR charges on wands/daggers, and use it in PvP situations as well. Keep in mind that if you choose to use Dream helm/shield, you can't use Dracul's, Confuse overrides Life Tap.

String of Ears is ok, but I'd rather a Thundergod's Vigor. Your physical damage will be very average, making Life Leech not very effective. You'll be pretty much immune to lightning with one of these puppies and maxed Resist Light (95% resist at all times)


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Eilo Rytyj pretty well nailed the Dual Dream build for a Venger.

Here's a more traditional setup that uses more of the gear you already have picked out.

Weapon: Ebotd Zerker, simply the best
Armor: Fortitude or CoH, but I prefer Fortitude for damage, defense, +max LR
Shield: HoZ, resists, blocking, and +skills
Gloves: 20 IAS gloves (Blood crafted, LoH, Lavagout, Rare)
Belt: String of Ears or Verdungoes, DR and more
Boots: Gore Riders, a little CB/OW never hurts
Helm: Vamp Gaze (Socketed for IAS/xx), Andy's, or CoA if you can afford it
Ring1: BK Wedding Band
Ring2: Ravenfrost
Amulet: Mara

This set up gives lots of +skills, 30+% DR, huge leeching, easily maxed resists and blocking, about 2K life without BO, and brutal damage. I recommend a Might merc with a Doom polearm too. You will NEVER have leeching problems with this setup. You won't kill as fast as a Grief wielding zealot, but you will be an absolute tank. Tip--> Switch out Fortitude for Prudence or the like when slogging through areas where IM is an issue and you'll avoid one hit killing yourself.