avenger build equipment


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avenger build equipment

I've stepped away from Diablo for about a year and a half and am just peeking my head back in and getting interested.

I've always loved the avenger build - it was my first and favorite.

I am trying to see the applications of the new runewords and seeing what makes the most sense - this would be PvM.

Still looking at max convict, lvl 1 in vengeance
1 in all combat skills except holy shield (up to lvl 10) and FoH (0 pts)
1 in all defensive auras except the 3 main resists (20 in each)

The old equipment I had was:
Crown of Ages (Ber/Ber)
Chains of Honor Armor
IK Boots & Gloves
DL Ring / Ravenfrost
Doom Berserker Axe
Exile Rondache

I am trying to see the application of the new equipment - most importantly the new weapons (last wish?), dragon & dream

The Crown was a good amount of my DR & resists (& it has skills)
The exile makes me tougher to hit and still adds some skills
Doom is great in that it slows things down and has a good synergy w/ veng
CoH obviously is mad skills and resists

Do dream, dragon or last wish seem like intelligent replacements?

I could also put them on mercs (or even put doom on a merc I guess)

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!


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I definitly appreciate the direction. I was actually trying to see how the new aura equipment interacts with the build - if it makes sense. Everything I've found either deals w/ new builds entirely (dream & torchadin) or old equipment (the ones you gave me didn't talk about any of the new rune words)

I guess my more direct question would be:

Do any of the new rune words look good for a PvM avenger :)



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That is a good question. From what I have read most of the new runewords(Dream, Dragon, etc.) can be much more effectively used on a zealot rather than an avenger, as far as elemental damage goes. In the thread I posted for the avenger weapon, there is a lot of talk about new runewords being used for weapons not only because of awesome mods, but also because of the high damage they do, which in turn translates to high elemental damage from the attack itself, and not a runeword aura. Sadly grief damage does not work with vengence otherwise it would be the be-all-end-all weapon for an avenger. Sorry about the shortness of the last answer. Hope this helps a little more.



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That is why I loved Doom ... more to the pt, the synergies are aligned (Resist Cold rocks for both holy freeze and vengeance)

With conviction running full bore, it is even better.

Looking at useful auras:
Pride on a merc (concentration) - adds to your vengeance

Dragon Armor & Shield can be useful on a mage merc

Dream Helm & Shield can work well there too (mage merc)

bow - Faith on an amazon merc - fanaticism helps w/ your speed & damage

bow - Ice on an amazon merc could help too (freeze)

Last Wish (might) on a merc might be ok (but you can get one already)

You could actually have an amazon merc w/
Faith (Fanatcisim lvl 12-15)
Dream Helm (lvl 15 holy shock)
Dragon Armor (lvl 15 holy fire)

Their resists would straight out suck ... but if I were running conviction / holy freeze ... w/ vengeance ... seems like it would work well?


Dad Daniel

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I was asking myself from a long time ago, is the Ormus robes stats + elemental skill damage (15/15/15) , will work on the Avenger paladin?


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Dad Daniel said:
I was asking myself from a long time ago, is the Ormus robes stats + elemental skill damage (15/15/15) , will work on the Avenger paladin?
It does, just like griffons eye does for only lightning dmg. The thing is, to make 15% count more then say +2 skills is to already have a high lvl vengeance.


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It might be desirable though to have less +skills, since that will keep the mana cost down.