Australian style tomatoes


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Australian style tomatoes

I thought I would try growing stuff on my balcony.
I figure I have a south facing balcony so why not try some tomatoes.

So I go to Dollarama and buy some two for a dollar seeds packets and some soil. I also bought some seeds at Crappy Tire.

And I bought some other stuff to try. Some radishs, basil, thyme, peas, beans, lettuce, cuccumbers watermelon, and pumpkins. Ok ok so maybe I got carried away. And I also bought some cactus seeds which is an important step on the way to the Austrailian tomatoes.

I started the vegtables a couple of weeks ago but the cactus said to use sandy soil which I and Dollarama didn't have. No I don't plan on eating the cacti. The package also said "start early". I thought "Say what?". Start early, what does that mean? You would start them indoors and keep them indoors so you could start them anytime. I figure it means start when you are like 10 years old or something.

Anyways I do a search to find a gardening store near me and find one. I go to one and find a bag of soil for catus and succulents. I also buy an orchid which has nothing to do with the Austrailian tomatoes. There was also a hot clerk partially showing some smallish but succlent melons. Also nothing to do with the Austrailian tomatoes.

Whilst I was there I saw a kit for growing tomatoes upside down. I didn't even bother to ask how much it was.

I came home and googled "growing upside down tomatoes".

Then I cut up a pop bottle and put a cloth in it and cut a hole in that. I bent up some wire hangers to make a stand. I put a cut straw in it and put a tomato seedling into it.

Here is one link

Has anyone tried this before?
I think I will try a few and maybe try some peas this way as well.

Maybe I should get in touch with Dutch and see if his Dave has balcony gardening tips. I wouldn't want anything falling off, the super is four floors below mine.

Or maybe Johnny will have some ideas.


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Re: Australian style tomatoes

Wow, tomatoes really will grow anywhere.

Now if you could just figure out a way to make them drop bear-proof... I suggest howitzers.

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Re: Australian style tomatoes

WTF are Australian tomotoes? Is this like the Outback Steakhouse where it's called Australian but has nothing whatsoever to do with Australia?


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Re: Australian style tomatoes

Heh, they're grown Australian style 'cause they grow down under. Or upside down. Whatever. I'm sure Butters has a better punchline, but I didn't want to leave you hanging. :laughing:
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Re: Australian style tomatoes

Apparently you can get Australian Tomato seeds at Crappy Tire in the Center of Known Civilization
Learn something new every day. Thanks Butters.