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HC MP Group - Tourney

Hi All,

Decided to post this up in it's own thread.

Just come back to D2 after a long hiatus, and I notice that there seems to be a general feel to start a new HC group or two. I would love to host a set game a couple of times a week. Very stable connection (512 cable) and I am based out of Sydney which makes me accessible to Queensland and Vic. I actually used to reguarly game on D2 with a friend in Melbourne who has since moved to WoW. We didnt get any lag at all which is excellent.

Anyway, if you are interested throw your name down. Not to be mean or picky, but would prefer Australians and or New Zealanders due to time differences so we can get a set couple of sessions a week.

Would like to;

Get a group of 2+ to finish entire game (hell to on players 8)
Non Twinked but we can mule off with Atma to create a stash at the end that we donate to a good cause. (Maybe a tourney prize)

I would love to make this a semi tourney in itself, and have a couple of more teams created by our American counterparts to see who can get the furtherest before the original team dies. :)

I also host a teamspeak server if need be to make playing a little easy, also makes for a good chat whilst you game. :thumbsup:


Tourney rules:

Teams of three to compete the game on /players 8.

Game version currently standard 1.10 though we can change this to be a modded version of the game (To remove FE bug if the consensus is agreed across members)

A team is out when they loose the last original member, however new characters can be rolled into the group to keep it at 3 strong.

No Twinking, and the only muling is allowed into a general stash. At the end of the Tourney, which is when all original team members are dead or have killed Hell Baal all Stashes are combined and given to the winners to split between themselves.

All Quests must be completed, and all way points grabbed.

If anyone else has anything to suggest feel free to add. :)


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Im interested :thumbsup:

although im in the 'we were soldiers' group so i hope this wont clash..
Im in sydney and have wireless broadband yet cant host

anyway hopefully some others are interested as it could be fun competition (although if your turning it into a full blown tourney prepare to clarify the rules etc) but i guess it all depends on interest.. not many people play HC online.. (maybe play SC yet a death is treated as final in the competition but the person still gets to keep their character to play solo etc)


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Hmm now this sounds like a fun tourney :). I would love to start a group of three in the western US (I live in Colorado) to compete with the Aussies :p.
As for my character, well I could play most anything, so I think I'll leave that to be decided when/if my team is formed.

Great idea Severoth and welcome back.


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A "ryder cup-esque" showdown? Sounds good and count me in for the team downunder. I really enjoyed the pirate MP group and having everyone in a similar timezone will make things easier.


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I live in Nebraska (one timezone off of colorado) so I would be in for one of the midwestern teams if this all goes as planned, I would love to play a group


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What's this - an Australian MP thread, with more US responses!

I'm definitely interested in HC and developing a taste for MP, so, being from Western Australia, I'm interested as well.

No lag could be quite interesting.