Aurawolf? ^^


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Aurawolf? ^^

Crazy idea?

Armor would be:

Frw circlet
Dragon armor
Dragon shield/storm switch when need dr against melee
Hoj pb (5 fpa weapon so u can hit with it...)
Aldurs for frw
Cats eye amu for frw
2 raven (or 1 bk/1 raven)


frw skillers+sc's

Feral rage max
Cyclone max
Lycantrop max
Oak max
1 pt wolves,raven,maybe creeper
Max Fury
Rest ww

What do u think of it?
It would be like a auradin just it is wolf ^^


i don't think it will do a lot of dmg though, and auradin comes from paladin you see din=paladin , dudu=druid


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Doesnt auradins max conviction too, which makes them do so much damage. So the damage wouldnt bee as good as auradins...


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if i was to try this id probably use doom ba, dragon armor, dream helm and phoenix in an attempt to get as many different auras as i could (plus the +%ed on phoenix rocks) and angelic combo for extra attack rating.i have no idea if this combo is feasable but would probs be fun to try, altho as Pedu says a zealot with max conviction would probs be better


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sigh.... doesn't anyone check stuff out anymore before they throw out these ideas.

In that case, Yessss... 100 aura damage works with dragon and no conviction... I suggest you make it right now

Lord Nyax

Auradins are useful because they can synergize their Auras with both Resist Fire/Lightning and Salvation, along with using Conviction. Putting this on a Wolf would be a) silly b) useless. You'd add ~1k damage to your hits or something, while losing all of the benefits of normal gear.

Eilo Rytyj

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The reason why sorceresses and paladins can use Dragon/Dream gear the best is:

1) Paladin can synergise the Dream/Dragon's auras.
2) Paladin can run Conviction on top of that.
3) Sorceress has Fire/Lightning Mastery, AND it's applied twice for a melee attack.

The only other class I can think of that can use those items well is a Straferzon/Multizon, because Strafe is a really fast attack to deal the elemental damage quickly, and Multishot carries the elemental damage on ALL of the arrows.

The other characters don't really have any skills that work well with those items.

Oh, and BTW I'd go with a Fury/Rabies with Doom, Bramble, Phoenix, Dream if I really needed all those auras. But I don't think it would work too well, except for the gg rabies damage thanks to Bramble.