auradin with act3 aura geared merc


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So I was thinking about this build and was wondering if the added auras to the act 3 merc would be a substantial help. Also, does the proc rate of the aura damage from my pally and my merc's auras happen together or do they take turns? Anyway, here is what I've got so far:

Paladin Gear:
Helm- Dream
Shield- Dream
Armor- Dragon
Weapon- Hand of justice phase blade
-everything else is the usual.

Act 3 Cold Merc Gear:
Helm- dream
shield- dream
weapon- hand of justice (or last wish, if the holy fire aura dmg doesn't seem worth it)

20 conviction
20 resist lightning
20 resist fire
10+ salvation
1 sacrifice
1 zeal
1 smite
1 holy bolt
1 blessed hammer
1 charge
rest into holy shield

the main question I guess I have is does my merc having two dmg proc auras interfere with my paladins dmg proc auras actually procing (having to wait for the merc's auras to proc) or do they proc together.


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An auradin with an Act 3 cold merc has been the character in the game that I've played the most so far. A few things...

Your merc doesn't get the synergized Holy Fire/Shock auras, so his damage is much, much weaker. But on top of that, an Act 3 merc doesn't get into melee much, preferring to sling magic from a distance. The aura gear does nothing for his Ice Blast damage. While he does sometimes get caught in melee and swing his sword, it's not often enough to make on-hit attacking gear worth it (that's what Act 2 mercs are good at). If memory serves correctly, you do still at least get the pulse damage out of him, but again, it's unsynergized. Totally not worth it. Similarly, Last Wish would be wasted on him. Yeah, he could attack monsters and trigger Life Tap for you, but he won't. If you want Life Tap, a barbarian mercenary could be the better option, but what I did was make my switch shield Exile, with Smite as the attack. If I want to cast Life Tap, I just hit the switch button, bash away with Exile until it triggers Life Tap, then switch back to HoJ/Dragon.

Best weapon for the Act 3 merc is probably Lawbringer. The Sanctuary aura makes undead a breeze, and if the merc does get swarmed, he swings his sword around and monsters get decrepified, which makes it even easier for the speedy auradin to make mincemeat out of them. I also used Nightwing's Veil, Fortitude, and Lidless Wall. I think Clervis preferred an Act 1 (cold) merc with an Ice bow. I found that the build doesn't really need a merc and they're mostly just there to pitch in with some utility. Both an Ice-wielding Act 1 merc and an Act 3 merc can sling some freezing/chilling around and dish out a bit of damage that gets boosted by your Conviction. I just liked the Sanctuary on top of that so much that I went with the Act 3 merc for Lawbringer.

I contend that dumping points into Holy Shield isn't the right approach. An auradin is pretty tanky and the difference between a lower-level Holy Shield and one that has a few more points is a pittance. But you want more physical damage for leeching and for dual immunes. Points into Sacrifice for the Zeal synergy go way farther than extra points into Holy Shield. My auradin has zero hard points into Holy Shield, casting it off the +Holy Shield inherent in the Caduceus I used to make my Call to Arms (my switch weapon). But that's quite rare. Still, I wouldn't sink more than one point into Holy Shield. Sacrifice is where it's at.