Auradin Totals?


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Auradin Totals?

Hmm my auradin is at 83 rite now. I have I believe 60 pts left for stats. About 600 mana and 2.7k life, does 9.5k charge. I maxed conviction so that I would never be out done, but it's only at 28 or 9 after bo and im planning on removing the auras(only 2x) and gettin 9 more for those troubling times, so that puts me down to 26 or 7, not really that much of a overlvl (and since I wanna win it seems reasonable to me). 77,75,77,75 res. About 6.5k ar, will have max block when finished and I was planning on lvl 90.

What totals am I looking at for the end results? I don't want to go to 90 with something I screwed up on, but I just cant cut it with these totals rite now (mostly mana). I have a daydreamer, who I find to be much more proficient then this dual auradin. Did I wreck something on him, or is there just no place for an auradin without another means of damage (I dont consider mine a charge variant, the ar doesnt cut it). I have zero str points atm I use dragon mp, hoj cs (Will be pb or z when I get another, mine was stolen), dream vortex, 2xraven, dungo, dracs (for str), treks, maras (res, stats n skills for bo), dream bone vis, cta/spirit switch, life scs, res scs, 2xauragc's, 3xlife/res gc's, pala torch, anni. Anything should be switch or what is my problem?? Maybe I just need to finish him and get used to using him??

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if you have ar troubles, switch to angelic ammy/rings. And conviction already lowers their defense by like 90 something %, so it shouldn't be all that hard to hit a person with a charge and hang around long enough for them to die by pulse.


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I only have internet access on weekends - but figured this isn't all that dated.

You HP and Mana are with BO?

My Auradin - considerably higher level than yours ATM is sitting at 4.5K-4.6K HP/700 mana BO'ed. The mana is sufficient to charge around. One thing you could consider would be those blue jugs if you are running out.

You gear is sound - the vortex wouldn't be my first choice, simply because of the weak block/str req - but whatever you have is fine.

Use demonlimb for AR?

My charge AR is 12k - which is usually enough to connect.

If you aren't charging, how are you attacking?

Try using him, if you don't like it ditch it :)