Aura summoner dilemna


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Aura summoner dilemna

Ok, first, here's the build:

1 pt in all

1 Bone Armor
1 Teeth
12 CE

20 Skel Mastery
20 Raise Skeleton
20 Clay Golem
5 Golem Mastery
1 pt in the rest

The Gear:

Weapon: Beast zerk axe
Weapon II: Call to Arms
Shield: Homunculus Um
Chest: AP Enigma
Ring: BK
Ring: BK
Amulet: Mara 29
Feet: Marrow +2s
Head: 141 harl crest Um
Charms: Gheed, 19 19 torch, 17 15 8 anni, 13ares gc, various mfscs

The Merc:

Insight cv
Eth Guardian Angel
Andy's Visage

Now here's my problem. I started searching for Pride and ended with an Insight for my merc. Now, I can't live without the med aura for summoning, ce, or teleing around. I want this pride though, because the aura would go nicely with the Beast's Fanatacism and the cta's bo on all the skellies. I just don't want to run out of mana constantly, like what happens if you aren't using an insight. I maybe need a slight gear change for mana regen or whatnot. Help would be appreciated.


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with such a large army (10+ skellies) you should have no problems. Amp Damage should help you enough to kill groups of monsters. I typically only use CE when I am working on Baal Runs in the throne room. What ype of merc are you using? I currently have a MN offensive act 2 merc with might aura and I am having no troubles.
Also what are your stats like? (you shouldn't have too much in mana) It is always possible to get some +40 mana charms in your inventory to help you out.
My 2 cents.
John B.


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well your belt is? if not arch geti it.. :rolleyes:

also i see you are kinda rich (or something like that) so trade or swap those BKs to sojs..

bo + xx% mana from your gear should be more than fine to cut it. and you shouldnt be shamed to use some mana pots & mana charms.

but i know what your talking about.. my summoner runs with merc insight (xept vs ubers is switch on obidience). i think no one can deny the fact that insight on a any hevyly casting char is extremely handy! :thumbsup:


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NM offensive act 2 merc.

Yea, got arach belt too.

around 120str, no dex, no energy, rest in vit.

stats with items are 250str, 85 dex, 403 vit, 123 energy

I have an eth 4os CV and I think I'm going to socket it with another Insight because I don't want to carry around 2 polearms. If I have a pride I need to have another poleaxe that my merc can get the first few kills with, because the pride does absolutely no damage. Maybe someone can convince me otherwise.

The soj swap is a good idea too. Now I'm more concerned about the pride's damage. I have an eth reaper's toll and a 2 shael'd bonehew, or the insight I would possibly consider carryin around if the pride's aura is godly enough to mitigate the damage loss from my merc.

Oh, and what's the best shield slot to complement the cta skillwise? I traded for a cheap cta(+1) and with skills its at 13, but if I can get maybe +3 to skills or better on shield slot I might get a +6 cta.

I keep a stock of full rejuvs because healing pots at this stage are pretty much useless.


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Yea, there's an idea. I only put 1 pt in iron golem though, it's only lvl 17. Can it last a while?


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Well, I made the pride out of the eth cv and it does as much dmg as the insight did, and even better with the conviction aura, so I don't need an opener weapon. The only problem is he shatters enemies so I still may use a bonehew to get some summons going. Threw the insight on the ground and made an iron golem out of it. Pretty sweet having all those auras and bos on skellies. That makes it might, conviction, med, bo, bc, and fana going all on the merc, golem, and skellies. Awesome.


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good thing that you got it worked out..

heres an tip to rise yuor army.. look for a easyly killed monsters that are cold immune.. they shouldnt just melt down :rolleyes:

there are lots of opinions around these subjects and there is not one and only solution. seek and find i'dd say. everyone has t ofind theyr own way that suits ones needs.

hope you have great time with your summoner! just hope that you dont die/see tomb vipers/iron maiden :wave:


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If I would have known when I started this guy(my first char) that I'd be wanting that med aura so bad I might have leveled iron golem instead. I have to tele around occasionally to keep him out of danger but so far it's not too bad. I may just ditch it when he dies and go back to clay because I don't want to have to mf all the time to keep up on buying insights, and I do miss the slows on bosses. =D