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Aura Mele Sorc Guide

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Shadows, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Shadows

    Shadows Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 3, 2005
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    Aura Mele Sorc Guide

    First thing... your going to need this character to be lvl 80 b4 you will really see a Great Deal of power.... its Truely a lvl 90 Build... but lvl 80 ull have around 35k damage
    yes.... thats right 35k.... with a 4.5k min.....Enjoy this Free tip , as its insanely powerful
    and at lvl 90 as my character is , its provides a 4.9k min - 53k max

    gear is as follows

    Primary Weapon(s)

    Helm- Dream Diadem - ( Io jah pul )

    Armor- Coh ( preferably dusk - dol um ber ist )

    Shield- Dream Troll nest ( Io jah pul)

    boots- E-Treks ( why... to help in Breaking the Fhr Break point Duh why else )

    Weapon- Passion (dol ort eld lem -reason for useing is the +1 zeal and 55% bonus to ar)

    ring(s)-Angelic / 220+ ar 20 Dex raven
    ammulate- Angelic halo ( i know enchant gives lots of ar... but just hold on... ill explain this build in a moment )

    Belt- arachnid mesh ( preferably 120% ed... not going to make a big diff if its not P )

    Gloves- im currently Useing Crafted Gloves 20% ias with knock back and res
    you may choose to use a diff set of gloves , these are my Preference

    Switch weapon
    Cta/Lidless - ( i recomend lidless Over spirit monarch Due toLrg str Req , of course you may modify items as you see fit , but read / look at screen shot / then make ur choice belive me this gear works Gr8 )

    Prebuff for enchant 10xFire Gcs

    Actual stash gear

    10xlight Gcs 5x w/life 5xw/12%fhr ( i know... why fhr... again that damn break point )
    scs should be either 5% res with life or 5% fhr with life fill rest of stash with these

    now to explain this gear... and why its so important to this character First take a minute to understand this build ins and outs in the following bit of information

    with a sorceress you have the ability to utilize mastery points... now ur thinking to your self.... wow... this guy isnt telling me anything new.... but heres something you might not have known.... with the Dream items... u recive a Holy Shock aura upon equiping the item. in total with both Dreams you will recive a lvl 30 Holy Shock now heres the kicker.. your mastry increases the Hs aura in damage...and it doesnt just increase it in small maxed lvl... with 10xGcs your going to increase the base Shock damage from
    a very unimpressive 2-1974 light damage then w/mastery 2-46k now thats just the lightning damage no Pre buff with enchant
    With enchant Pre buff it Cranks it up to 4740 - 54,000 at 15k ar

    now the base stat/skill points Very important !

    base Stats @ lvl 90

    Str -91
    Dex -145
    Vita -205
    Energy -100

    Base Skill points @ lvl 90

    Fire Skills

    Pre Reqs

    1-Fire bolt

    1-Fire ball

    Maxd Skills


    20- Enchant

    20- Fire mastery

    Cold Skills

    1- Frozen armor

    Lightning Skills

    Pre Reqs

    1- chain light
    1- light
    1- telekinesis
    1- teleport

    Maxd Skills

    20- lightning mastery

    12- Energy shield

    If you have the resources to try this build to start the Build right NOW you wont regret it its Great
    pvp, and can still handle Pvm if needed , but this build is mainly a PVP Build , it will knock out any character in 1 hit i promise you. there is no amount of absorbe that will save the poor soul in the way of this Wreched attack and if you would like to convert the attack to Pure majic damage to avoide resistances , Passion Provides you with Beserk , not the best attack in a duel , but again ,its a 1 hit KO either attack you use.

    This is my First Guide , I hope you enjoy it. If you have any Questions or comments please leave them on this post or Pm me , im open to suggestions if you have any
  2. IIDX

    IIDX Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 21, 2004
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    i dont like the effectiveness of your light skill point allocation...why?

    heres an almost es route

    str: low as possible, but enough to hold gear
    dex: max block with dream troll nest?
    energy: tons of fun (alot)

    its better to invest those 12 points into telekinesis even maxing it once your at a higher level. with 1 point into energy shield plus the prebuff of 10 lightgcs + 8 es memory staff + 3 light helm + 3 light ammy + 3 occy occy + 2 sojs + lidless + 3 es ormus + bo = 34 skills, it will only be effective at lvl 41? with 95 absorb
  3. Dad Daniel

    Dad Daniel Diabloii.Net Member

    May 7, 2005
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    Sorry to say it, but with the exception of the PASSION rune word, here i don't see nothing new - all is copy out from the great BODOM sorc guide!
    And when you are pretending that you are telling something new to the people answear at least to this question:
    "What is the last ias break point on a sorc with zeal?"
  4. High Lord Bunbun

    High Lord Bunbun Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 2, 2004
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    Make the character in single player and look at the AR. This is why it will not be viable.
  5. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Zeal FpA IAS% tables
    zeal frames for sorc: (courtesy Roguemage)

    [-30] speed 1-handed swinging weapon (Phase Blade)
    11/8: 30% IAS
    9/8: 54% IAS
    10/7: 65% IAS

    *[-10] speed 1-handed swinging weapon (Scourge, Caduceus, Warpike)
    11/8: 70% IAS
    9/8: 109% IAS
    10/7: 129% IAS

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