Attention Sealab 2021 fans!!!

Death Merchant

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Attention Sealab 2021 fans!!!

I was watching Adult Swim on cartoon network and between one of the breaks..... Sealab 2021 on DVD june 15! :yep:
It's about time. It said 13 episodes (or was it 15?) and lots of extras.

Now, if only the next dvd set for the Aqua Teens would come out soon.....


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I think they said that the next season of ATHF was coming out on the same date as the Sealab DVD, the 15th of June.

It's a while to wait, but it'll be worth it once it gets here. I definitely love watching both of those shows.


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Dang...Thats an awesome show...
Though it of the guys who did voices died...


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Is Sealab the one with the dolphin boy?

Side note: My favorite ATHF line, ever:

Carl: "Look, Shake...I know it's been while. But I am not gettin humped by no red gorilla in space, ok?"

Pierrot le Fou

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My favourite line from Aqua Teen (paraphrased, it's been a while):

Carl: "Is this not America? Because in America we can pay for sex with pennies. There's over $200 in there!"

Or possibly one of the oh-so-many lines from the caveman episode with the supercomputer. Specifically the scene where he asks if it has games, and the end where the mooninites talk about making a denver omelet.

Favourite line from Sealab:

Stormie: "Look! Stormie 3 snuck in a dodgeball!"
Quinn: "Stormie, what time is it?"
Stormie: "It's dodgeball time *****..."

Or maybe the "Uh-oh" episode when Lenin says "beer" in Russian.

Oh, who am I kidding. I love all of those shows to bits. Man.

Ash Housewares

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from Aqua I like the doctor guy at the beginning of the show, I don't have cable and I've forgotten everyone's names... Dr. Weird?


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I love this show. I want to pick up the DVD, just so I can have Sealab running in the back ground.



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"Oh, dart in your neck."

I love that show, I had all the episodes on my computer a while back, all Divx encoded and everything. Stupid external drive decided to erase itself. It is one of the weirdest and funniest shows I've ever watched. Although some of my floormates are totally confused by it, which is pretty funny.