Attempting new build... suggestions plz


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Attempting new build... suggestions plz

Just found a Hellcrack crossbow (exploding arrows :grin: ) so I figured I'd give a shot to the ranger paladin with holy fire fully synergised as the main damage skill. I'll see how I fare in normal and possibly take him further if it's working well.

Now lvl 11, and dishing out 80-100dmg per arrow in the jail. It's some serious killing power, but I'm afraid it won't reach high enough damages to be viable in hell. I was mainly wondering about gear, stats, other skills and merc choice.

I know that some runewords give the holy fire aura. Would these stack on top of my own one to add MORE damage or would they be nullified by my own aura of a higher slvl? I'll try to get my hands on a kuko shukako ASAP as well (piercing/exploding :thumbsup: ), but if I remember correctly these holy fire runewords require pretty high runes which I definetely don't have. Any alternative? I forget if there are any cheap uniques that would, say, lower ennemy fire resistances.

I'm obviously going to put in just enough strenght for gear as it won't be of any use, but I don't know if I show go high dex for big bow damage or medium dex and lots of vitality. High dex would obviously require a lot more caution, but as things are I'm pretty much doing one-hit kills on every single shot. If things remain that way I wouldn't mind a bit less life.

Skill-wise, I was thinking that maybe I could either get another of the pulse auras (most likely holy freeze) and it's synergy (that puts me at 100 skill points for maxin stuff, plus all the pre-req's, so the build is possible if you factor in all the skill quests if I get high enough level). Or maybe go fanaticism with a bigger damage bow (less skill points to complete the build), but I definetely can't afford a wf or anything like that. I'm thinking maybe a melee switch with lvl 5 zeal / lvl 20 fanat / everything else in sacrifice could also work good. What would work best?

As for the merc, I'm thinking going with might will be the best option. In the meantime (before I get to act 2 NM), would you rather go for blessed aim or defiance?

Thanks in advance people !


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blessed aim until might on merc

you wont be able to kill anything at all ever in hell, plus 20% of the stuff is immune to fire anyway, so this would just be for some fun/usin up some time.

holy fire from the unid tusk sword or whatever it is stacks, since its +x to holy fire, but something that says level xx holy fire when equipped wont stack and will be canceled by your higher level.


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Haha can't believe that there's actually a guide for such a whack build.

Thanks for that, I'll be sure to use it.

Was just playing around with the build calculator, and here's what i'm thinking:
1 might
20 holy fire
20 holy freeze
20 resist fire
20 resist cold
20 salvation

Thats 101 skill points to complete the build, or clvl 89 with all the skill quests. Sounds possible to me... With a hypothetic +4 to all skills and +2 to offensive auras (shouldn't be too hard to get..), holy fire will add 1096-1165 fire damage to my attacks, while holy freeze will add 1592-1620. I'll follow the guide's suggestions for weapons and go for an up'd kuko and up'd up'd wizendraw for weapons. With massive dex (decided to opt for that), I should also be dealing some considerable physical damage.

One more thing though:
Since it packs such a punch at low levels I was wondering if it would make a good low-level dueler/pk-er? Get him up to lvl 15, equip with a long battle bow 6x Ith runes (easy to find!), arctic ammy/rings, +max armor, +life helm, R/W boots, etc... Just an idea.. but it's a ranged attack that packs more than most melee builds at these levels. Would probably surprise a few people since it's definetely not your normal type of build.


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Wouldnt make a very good low level dueler. It might snag you an ear or two if you loaded it with +max gear and PKed. Of course, lots of style points for it, but it wont be the most effective thing out there.