Attack rating for ranger paladin


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Attack rating for ranger paladin

I'm building a mostly-untwinked holy fire ranger with holy shock backup (Max holy fire, holy shock, resist fire, resist lightning, salvation) With this build, I don't get any % increase to my AR, and each point in Dex only adds 5 AR, which means serious to-hit problems. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'm level 47 in NM Act 1 with 122 points in Dex and have 60% to hit. Strangely enough, this hasn't been a problem at all. I'm using Kuko Shakaku with holy fire and the explosions seem to auto-hit. Feature? :tongue: In any case, I'll need to use my lightning aura with FIs and I *will* need a good to-hit then, right?

So, what would be an acceptable AR? Max. natural monster defense (ignoring stone skin mod) in Hell is around 2000. An AR of 2000 would get me a 50% to hit, can I get away with that? Stone skin only affects the boss, not the minions, so it's not so bad.

As to getting to a respectable AR, I see a few options:
1. Points in Dex. By level 80, if I split points equally into dex and vit, I'll have 200 dex (1000 AR). If I put every single point from now on into dex, I'll have around 280 (1400 AR) In either case, I'll have to combine this with something else to get a decent AR.
2. Blessed Aim. Gives me a 5% passive AR boost. That's +100% when maxed out. I'll lose some damage: either resist lightning or salvation.
3. Blessed Aim merc. The panacea. Insane boost to AR, going by the charts. I had planned on using a holy freeze merc for the style points...
4. Gear: the weapon slot is twinked, but the rest of my equipment is not. So it's going to be difficult to get a meaningful AR boost from other equpiment slots and inventory. I'll hold on to whatever I can get, of course. I can replace Kuko with Raven Claw for the +50% AR, giving up the +fire damage and pierce of Kuko.

As usual, I have no idea which way to go :undecided: I read a few guides but they are all geared towards uber-gear. I'd like to avoid the BA merc if at all possible and don't really mind dying as long as it doesn't happen too often.

Again, any thoughts, especially from those experienced in untwinked play, are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Another easy untwinkied option would be to socket an Eth rune in your weapon (IIRC it's Eth - the one with -25% Target defense - and I think it still works on Act bosses, et all, too.).

Don't forget the Conviction aura has a huge -Defense affect too, although that ruins your HF/HS-aura plans. And of course Steel charms.

Otherwise, typically you should aim for a minimum of 5000 AR in hell. I don't think you'll have much option beyond a BAmerc.


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-%TD works on uniques/champs/superuniques at half its listed rate, to the best of my knowledge, and it likely is the easiest way to greatly raise your chance to hit other than using a BA merc. You could also look for set pieces that give AR/level, though good luck getting them untwinked. Keep an eye out for the big AR bonus affixes on armor too (IIRC, Hawkeye and Visionary can both spawn on circlets, at least).


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It's certainly doable (even untwinked) to find 2 pieces of the Angelic set (a ring and preferably the amulet) which will give you a lot of +AR/clvl. If you really need to, you can use 2 rings and another piece for a whole bunch of AR. It's my favorite way for cheap AR, as things like Blessed Aim are nice but are percentage increases, which isn't as effective if you have low base.