at what level do you consider a character complete?

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at what level do you consider a character complete?

me personally, i call most quits at 92. characters i realy enjoy ill play to 93 or 94, but i have one pally im working on, hes almost 97. (but i still call 92 my completion level).

how about the rest of my peers?


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I usually plan my chars so that their skill plan is complete at level 94. After that level you pretty much get solid experience only in Baal runs and I don't feel like baalrunning too much (it's boring and I don't get any stuff due to pickiters :().

And ladder running is stupid anyway because it sounds quite dumb to compete with script kiddies and their bots. Plus theres no reward when you reach lvl 99.


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When they have played through the game and beat hell Baal, whatever level that is, that's when I consider them "complete".


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It depends on the character. For example, my meteorb sorc is L93 now and because of having too many synergies, she cannot be complete even at L99. My LF zon for cows was more or less complete in her late 70s. In fact she just needed maxed LF and a few points in D/A/E, valk, pierce and perhaps a few other skills I cannot remember right now. To make her a little more versatile, I decided to max plague javalin and synergies as well.

I guess a character can be considered complete if you don't get angry about the XP loss anymore when he/she dies - except in hardcore, of course :lol:


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Hm, I usually setup everything in advance and try to work it out so the skills are finished somewhere between 80 and 90. I only have 1 lvl94 char, because I took the time to level it to that point. I'll probably stop leveling most chars somewhere among the late 80ies.


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My chars are done when they can start running The Pit solo.

Summoner Necro: 40
Novamancer: 60
IK-Barb: 50


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i would have to say level 99.
reason... level 99 is the ultimate charactor level, if you play this game untwinked/hardcore and not being rushed, but playing the game how it should be played, facing death in every corridor, desert, forrest, temples..etc. then you will need all your level points to defeat baal and his minions.

if you prefer arcade mode then death means nothing, just reload the game and play. but you will never feel the tension (as you do in hardcore) as you battle your way through this game.


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I consider my characters complete at level 90, although I hardly ever bother to get there with most of them. :( Sometimes I just get bored of them, and sometimes I just get caught up with another character. They usually end up stopping at around 85.
i consider my characters complete at 83 - thats when my merc can use andys and then all his gear.

whenever any of my characters get all his or her gear on, they can solo wsk. i dont really need skillz. -.- so i guess that should be considered complete?


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First condition for getting a character "complete" is for him and his his merc to be able to wear their gear.

My most recent char, a bonemancer, is now lvl 82 and was able to equip Arachnid as his last missing important piece at lvl 80. I'll probably make some "N Naj staff O pgs" game for him, though...

However, he's not complete since I haven't rushed him past hell diablo yet, which means he's also missing the last Anya quest.

I considered my Skelemancer to be complete at lvl 89 --- this was because skeletons inherit clvl for attack/defense calculations. The highest random monsters are lvl **, so at lvl 89 the level difference always works in my favor. He's now close to lvl 92. He has saved the last 5 or 6 skillpoints, so I guess he's definitely complete... he has to be, since it also was my starting char for this ladder :)

Minor gear changes are still "possible", of course --- recently added another summon skiller, and I'll probably do "N Nec Sum" again soon :) He was also wearing a SOJ for a short time, but that one is more useful on the bonemancer, so he had to give it up :-(

For my bowazon I'm not quite sure yet --- she's lvl 84 now, but still wearing temporary armor. She's quite fragile, and has a ton of skillpoints and some stat points saved up (I'll probably ditch the last few skillers and use some more resistance GCs instead ... unfortunately I only have single resist charms, which need more space. I guess I'll dump the remaining stat points into vita). In any case, she's far from complete.


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85, because after that it takes too many Baal runs per level.

Although I did get one character to 99 back when it wasn't so hard.


- when he killed hell baal

- when he can wear all his equipment

- when he has all the skills i planned him to have

- when his merc is at the same lvl as he is and can use his endgame gear

( mostly around lvl 85 - 90 )


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Lvl 86 or 87, after that i am WAY too impatient to do all the baal runs. Then i usually just screw around or lvl my merc.


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Most of my character are completed by level 85 or so. On ladder, I always have one character that is in his 90 + and that's my MF character.

I find Baaling boring and that's about the only place worth leveling high characters.

Sometimes, I keep on tweaking one character till he can solo certain area of the game with multiple players in the game.


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My characters are complete when

1) they're a patriarch/matriarch
2) they can solo hell ancients in less than 1/2 and hour
3) they're lvl 80 or above (lvl 81 is the lowest except for a summon necro I've completed the game solo on SP)


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Most of the time, I consider my characters are complete at level 93. Why ? because at level 93, I can gamble / craft +2 amulets without having to mule my gold :lol: !

What's more, it's a high enough level and the XP penalties are so high after 93/94, that I don't mind Baalrunning again and again anymore.

That's why, when I plan my chars, I always aim at level 92/93/94 (very top limit).