At the Movies


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Madagascar; I can't wait till it gets out!

Those penguins are so cool...

And I'm looking forward to Sin City; with such a great cast, it's either gonna be totally crap or a classic.


Boondok Saint

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Serenity.... cause the Firefly tv show was great, and this looks like it will pick up the story where the series left off.

and Narnia, great book series and Weta is doing the props, so it should be very impressive.


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I was under the impression that The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe wasn't coming out until November-December?

As for summer movies, I suppose I'm looking forward to Batman Begins, being a huge Batman nerd. I'm just hoping it isn't as horrible as the Schumacher atrocities.

Boondok Saint

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yes i guess you are right they are actually fall/winter movies but they are the only ones i am really looking forward to


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I'm looking forward to Batman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, i heard Angelina is amazing in the movie. But i have a bad feeling about batman begins, probably will wait to hear what critics and fans are saying.

Madagascar will be great also!


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txmielnik said:
But i have a bad feeling about batman begins, probably will wait to hear what critics and fans are saying.

Did you watch the 10 minute preview on TV?

Also, I may see Cinderella Man and The Fantastic 4.


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No i missed it after smallville, so only can go with trailers which don't show much, War of Worlds is another film that could be good.


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Batman and Mr. and Mrs Smith here too... I actually havent heard anything about Madagascar, except that a movie by the name was coming out... I'll have to google it :)



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Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Batman Begins
and Fantastic Four (which comes out on my birthday, it's movie then bar time!)


I'm looking forward most to "The Longest Yard", simply because of Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, though it may be really bad. I will probably also see Mr. and Mrs. Smith(Angelina Jolie), and Fantastic Four(Jessica Alba). :D