Assistance programs for Diablo


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Assistance programs for Diablo

After reading Kefir-Tribe's thread about the program he made for tracking run numbers, this brought up an interesting question. I was curious what other programs people here use while playing Diablo. I'm not referrring to RRM/RWM and ATMA/Flaive, but instead third party programs (not hacks/mods) that run completely seperate of Diablo.

Myself I wrote a little program that contains alot of the Arreat Summit information so that I don't have to go to that site all the time to keep looking up Cube and Runeword recipies. I also keep forgetting which graphics go with which curses/auras and having those handy for reference helps.

Just curious if anyone else has done something similar or if pen-and-paper is the prevailing record keeping method here.


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I use Excel for bits and pieces like character planning. I also have my preferred guides in RTF files.


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I always have a whole slew of programs open when I'm playing.
Usuaully I have excel and word open for guides/misc info/crafting things but I am obesessed with excel... Google talk is open when I multiplay so I can chat with the person, as is Gaim.
Now that I use atma and flavie, those are always open too. Yeesh. I almost feel bad for my RAM. :rolleyes:


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I wrote a program which read .txt outputs from Atma, displayed how many runes you had and the runewords you could make with those runes, then when you hit a button it calculated how far you could cube those runes up, the resulting runes if you cubed as much as you could and the possible runewords you could make from the result of the cubing.

The runeword part wasnt particually great though, becuase many runewords have half low, half high rune requirements, for instance if you have the Vex and Zod of "Breath of the dying", you know you'll be able to make that runeword, as the El, Eld, Eth and Hel are so easy to aquire.