Assassin Questions


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Assassin Questions

Hey all, thinking of making an assassin utilizing deadly poison.

I have a few questions, some of which I've seen/heard conflicting reports over. I'd go to the assassin forum, but really I feel their FAQ is a bit over my head. I need an FAQ for the FAQ ;) .

Does weapon block work while running/walking? I've heard that it does, and doesn't reduce like with shield block. I've also heard that it doesn't work at all while in motion. Was it changed in 1.10? Which is true now? Does it still block magic attacks?

Does Venom work with kicking?

Does Venom change the duration of all poison damage to .4? If so, does it just take the damage the charm or whatever would do for .4 seconds, or does it compress the whole poison damage for .4 seconds?

What's the most fun build you've made with an Assassin?



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current concensus is that WB doesn't work at all while walking/running (although I'm not convinced this is true). It does definately work while standing still and while attacking. It does block elemental effects like fireballs and even Baal's snowplow attack.

Venom works on kicks. Venom reduces all other poison sources to .4 seconds. By that, I mean it only takes the damage the source does in the irst .4 seconds. basically, if using the Venom skill, there is no point in adding other poison sources.

I personally prefer dual claw Phoienix strike 'sins, but many do not as such a build requires much more hotkey management than most


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WB is a skill so it always blocks with the % listed and can block anything :D
not sure about the walking running thing.

Venom works everytime you physically hit someone (stabbing, kicking, shooting even 'legging it') :D

the only sin out of act 1 norm for me was my venom/ TS sin. with a better weapon she could of been pretty fun and was sort of fun anyway


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I'm 99% sure that weapon block is zero when you're running or walking, although it works as it should when you're standing still, attacking, or casting. And yes, weapon block does work on things like fireballs, gloam attacks, bone spears/spirits, and other things that normally aren't blockable by shields.

Edit: If you're going to rely on venom damage, you should definitely carry lots of +x% poison damage gear like facets, trangs gloves, *cough* beta bramble *cough*
For whatever reason, the +x% gets applied to venom damage twice, once when venom is cast, and once again when you hit something. Moreover, the +x% stacks multiplicatively instead of additively, so if you have +50% poison damage when you cast venom and when you hit something, you'll have 2.25 times your original venom damage.


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Isn't corax the Venom Guru now :lol:

To elaborate on what Kabal/HBB said, +% to poison damage works like a sorc's masteries.

The +% is calculated when you cast venom.
Then when you attack the monster, the total poison damage is multiplied by the +X% again.

You can equip 2 +3 shadow disciplines claws to prebuff your venom.

Venom reduces all poison damage to 0.4s. This means in reality if you have a charm that does 150 damage over 6s. The poison damage now is just 10 hence pple saying its not worthwhile to equip poison charms.

I thought my TS/DT sin was pretty fun :)