Assassin question - HC/SP, untwinked


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Assassin question - HC/SP, untwinked


After having my first HC assassin killed at lvl 60, I restarted some days ago with a trapper. Figured a non-contact assassin variant had more chances to survive untwinked.

Currently: I maxed LS, DS, Fire Blast and so far I have the shadow master cast at level 18. Merc is a barb. I'm in act 1 hell doing pit runs with no luck :)

Equipament is just average, after a lot of MF runs prettry much anywhere I could I found some stuff but nothing extraordinary (3 traps circlet, 3 traps amulet, silks, goldwrap, laying, nagel, dwarf, spirit broad sword, splendor, no skillers).

The question is: is it advisable now to go for maxing the shadow master for extra protection or should I put the extra points in charged bolt sentry for extra trap damage via synergies? I'm not quite sure a lvl 18 SM will be enough in end hell; but I'm also not sure the damage I have now from the current trap setting will be enough for later hell acts. I'm trying to find that fine balanaced setup.

Thanks for the help,


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It really depends on what you need.

My old HC trapper had a lvl 17 SM, and 20 to the 3 lightning traps. I didn't go for fire blast, and she did fine.
If you need more damage, go for more damage.

Also, we can't really say much as we don't know what happens with your lass. What damage does your lightning traps currently do, how often does the SM die (remember, you can always recast her,) do you use CoS/fade/BoS, and do you use mind blast?
Hope I can be of assistance. :)


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Right. I don't know the numbers by heart, I think LS about does 1-27xx damage, FB does close to 2000. I use FB for lightning immunes and when I want to add some extra damage (for example against bosses).

I use BoS. I didn't invest any point in fade and MB :) (yet, that is, I'm considering fade atm as I have some resists problems in hell). CoS I use against ranged attackers pretty often.

The SM doesn't die often, or not at all on 1-players game (so far). She could tank the Lister pack on 8 players on nightmare dying once in the process (much better than my barb merc did btw, but okay he doesn't have such good equipment).

One more question: would you prefer a spirit sword or a +3 traps/+2 DS/+1Wake of Inferno/30 IAS claw I bought yesterday for 500 000 gold and I don't have enough dexterity to wear (well, I lack 16 dex for wearing it).

Ah well :)


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Ok, I've just loaded up my HC guard, Selene Lvl 77 (tainted by mod to fight DC, so I don't play her.) All her items are now regular SP (no anni.) All stats in hell. She only received an Anni, all other items were normal SP.
I've still gotta make a new one.

Resists: 11/23/28/9 (Here's what her resists were at one point. Pretty fun running like this with catapults.)
Vit (hp): 370 (1403)
LS/DS: 20 (26) LCS Damages: 1-1800 and 1-1500
SM: ? (18)
Charged sentry/Fire blast: 1 (7)
CoS: probably 1 (7)
No mind blast, nor fade (although it would be helpful)
Like, 27 skill points unspent. :)

I guess she would've let the SM fight ahead/tank, cast CoS, then set up traps.

So mine seems quite weak in comparison. :( I'm guessing your damages should be fine, as mine were (can't remember how hard she was, but she made it ok.) Her gear is my only found SoJ, goldskin, 2x bartuc's, peasants crown, nat's boots, saracen's chance (I think,) and other fairly easily obtainable gear.

On Strats:
Mind blast can keep any who do target you away. Quite helpful at times, although CoS can do that as well to a degree.
Remember, the SM can be resummoned wherever you want, and if you're having trouble, it is possible that you might need to adjust some tactics or trap placements.
Trapsins are usually fairly safe (of course, there are gloams... :rolleyes:)

For a trapper, the 2x +3 traps, +x lightning trap is IMO preferable.

Also, save the points, and as you progress, see if you need defensive (Mind blast/CoS/fade) abilities, offensive (damage +trap skills), or protection (SM).

It's hard to plan ahead sometimes.

EDIT: Also remember that Death Sentry damage doesn't matter. It'll lay waste to almost anything once there's a dead body or two.


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I'll take your advice and I'll save the points from now on and I'll invest them depending on what's needed later on. No point to hurry since I'm pretty much comfortable at the moment.

Thanks for the help, appreciated.

PS. Impressive resists :)


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Here's my untwinked Guardian Trapper.

I found that getting good resists was extremely easy if using fade. Also, I went with the FB route for dealing with LIs as the merc just wasn't good enough.

To be honest, your character looks pretty solid, but I would recommend using Fade. I don't think you need to do any mf runs either with the equipment you have, I would just aim to take her to Guardian.

Good luck!


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The 1pt I invested in Mind Blast, was the best point ever spent on my trapper. Have the enemy hold still, _and_ be fried by my lightning sentry? Sounds good to me.


I agree re: Mind Blast. My trapper is level 92, and MB works in situations where your merc will get killed and Cloak of Shadows is ineffective. I'm thinking, of course, of Lister and his crew. MB won't convert them, but it will knock them off balance and keep them from dishing out their massive damage to you, your shadow, and merc.

- Noodle


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To be honest, your character looks pretty solid
I agree here. I just ran mine (with all legit SP items, no RW's, no anni [not that I play her properly anymore]) against Baal. Despite having LI's on each level and not going the path of FB, she did fine, but came against Gloams as soon as she entered Baals throneroom level. :rolleyes: Yeah, kinda didn't last too long without the resists.
But she did fair enough, so yours looks good.

Looks like you'll be fine. All the advice and 1-point wonders here are all valuable.
Maybe if your merc isn't helping much, get a Act 2 HF. (Of course, if you're sick of everyone using Act 2 mercs, but they're the only one that have helped me. :) )
Cold damage and freeze, lightning damage, fire damage and corpse explosion. Sounds pretty sweet!

I'm in act 1 hell doing pit runs with no luck :)
Just wondering: No luck with finding items, or no luck as in can't run pits?

GL mate, and hope she becomes a guardian!


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Thank to all for the advices really.

I think i'll drop the next two skill points in Fade and MB. I am pretty much convinced by their utility.

I'm pretty happy with my merc, I gave him a good sword yesterday, spent my only Um on it but hey, he has now a Crescent moon sword made in an ethereal legend sword. 4xx max damage, he's much better now. He has Tal mask and Guillaume's too for bosses, he only needs a better armor (atm, upped to exceptional unique field plate, don't remember the name).

I made it very easily past Andi, in fact I'm farming her at the moment as I got an extremely good map. Found snowclash and raven in my first 5 runs.

About pits: I meant no luck in terms of item finds.

I'm feeling pretty comfortable at the moment in 1 player games. I guess unless I do something stupid I should be able to make her guardian, hehe.

Again, thanks to all!