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Assassin Melee Gear + Merc Gear

Discussion in 'Europe Standard - Ladder' started by jtcgamer, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. jtcgamer

    jtcgamer IncGamers Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    Hey. Since I stopped my Assassin I will sell her full Gear here:
    Weapons: 2x Bartuc's, socketed with "Shael" (180% & 154% ED, 7% & 8% LL)
    Armor: Runeword "Duress" (ShaelUmThul, 162% EDef, 16% EDam) in Wire Fleece (1116 Def)
    Vampire Gaze, socketed with "Um" (310 Def, 8%ML, 6%LL, 18% DR, 14 M-DR)
    Dracul's Gloves (111% ED, 8% LL, 11 STR, 7 LaeK)
    String of Ears (158% ED, 7% LL, 13% DR, 10 M-DR)
    Gorerider (174% ED)
    Highlord's Amu
    Assa-Torch 12/19
    Duriel's Armor, socketed with "Tal" (160% ED)
    Crown of Thieves, socketed with "Ort" (200% ED, 10% LL)
    Reaper's Toll, socketed with "Shael" (195% ED, 11% LL)
    no Rings :/

    All exceptional Parts are cubed to the Elite Version.
    Offers are pretty welcome, I will go cheap in Price. My Suggestion would be around ~10 IST Runes, but I will think about any other kind of offer. Items worthlike can be accepted aswell. If someone knows Prices well for this Ladder, I appreciate help in estimate Prices for single Parts.

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