assassin build opinions etc


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assassin build opinions etc


Seems like a common theme, but I'm a former D2 player (1.08, 1.09) back to play again and I've got some questions about the current state of Assassins in 1.11 and the common build strengths/weaknesses and playstyles.

I've played an untwinked Trapper in 1.09 and had a reasonable amount of fun, but I've got no idea how that would fare in 1.11 compared to other builds.

I've read through a number of the build guides, but was hoping for a bit more of an overview from the public of the more common builds and what their playstyle is compared to others and their weaknesses. (Gear shouldn't be too much of an issue, as I've got a MF Summoner Necro that can do the dirty work to get what I need in the longrun.)

Thanks in advance. :)


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Welcome back.

ATrapper is actually pretty easy now, untwinked or otherwise, as long as you go the Lightning Sentry route. The Fire tree is maybe a little worse off than it was, and looks really bad in comparison to Lightning.

Dragon Talon is amazingly powerful now combined with Crushing Blow and other mods. Blade Fury is useful as a one pointer, and decent builds can be made around it.

Phoenix Strikers have to focus more on the MA tree, but are basically the same power-wise. Dtailers feel about the same--no synergies, no universal 50% physical resist; but monster life is higher and there are more PIs.

Cloak of Shadows is oobur at one point. Tiger/Cobra is still handy, but not as good as in 1.09 because of monster life. Ditto for Dragon Claw, and it lost its uninterruptability, as did the three claw charge-ups.

Weapon Block blocks elemental attacks. Blade Shield is little more than a cool-looking effect. Assassins can get Zeal and Whirlwind.

Hopefully you're already up on the general stuff like synergies. You should check out the Assassin Room FAQ for more information.

I'd say Lightning Trappers and various Dtalon builds are the most common and powerful PvMers. Funny how things change.

Phoenix still rules for fun though.


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Excellent BIGeyedBUG. That's just what I was looking for pretty much.

I'd love to hear any other opinions along the same lines as well.



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Here's a full endorsement of what BIGeyedBUG said. The only thing I can think to add is that Fire Blast is the best skill in the fire tree. Best of all, it synergizes with all the lightning skills.

Dragon Talon also got its power boost since boot damage was enabled. Upgraded Goreriders require 156 strength, and fit verr well. (Oh yeah... they added some cube recipes...)