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Assassian Build ok?

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by kayt, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. kayt

    kayt IncGamers Member

    Apr 8, 2008
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    Assassian Build ok?

    Ok my assassin is lv 29 current build is 5 shadow, 5 wake of fire, and 5 mind blast have a bunch of 1s for pre req and such but I was wondering if you think it will work? I am having a bit of trouble currently with uniques and meph took me a huge chunk of time (56mins to kill meph) I rely on shadow to tank and my merc is a lv28 act1 merc that gets owned first 10seconds of fight. I am worried about act 4 and 5 so do you hink my build will be fine? Or should I start using my last few skill points over next level in something else?
  2. wizAdept

    wizAdept IncGamers Member

    Aug 4, 2005
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    Re: Assassian Build ok?

    Characters work best when you focus on what their source of damage is. In example, if you are playing a elemental chargeup based character you would do best with +skills to boost the chargeup damage, if you are playing a kicksin you would do best to use crushing blow% equipment to take advantage of kick speed, if you are playing a trap based character you would do best to max out your trap skill of choice along with all of it's synergies.

    In your case you have your skill points spread out, there is no focus on your build as of yet, level 5 wof isn't going to cut it for a level 30+ character. If you want to build a firetrapper, be warned that their damage is somewhat low by the time you reach hell difficulty, but if you want to use the traps for damage do sink all your points into it and the synergies, thats 60 skill points total for wake of fire. Same for if you choose to make a light sentry based trapper, 80 points for light sentry and it's synergies.

    Seeing as a level 25+ character should be in act 5 and you are struggling with mephisto something is very wrong. I suggest you restart your character and go about it differently.

    Do make sure to use cloak of shadows and mindblast to keep monsters under control, both skills work great against monsters with only 1 skill point investment.

    Shadow master may seem like a good investment for skill points but after you get to nightmare and hell with +skills on your gear you may see the points you dropped into it as a waste, although if this is your first assassin and you have no gear it might be worth boosting until you have proper gear to remake your assassin.

    At level 30 assassins get death sentry which is an amazing room cleaning skill, just kills everything as long as you can get some corpses on the ground, so look forward to level 30.

    But as I mentioned you have skill points all over the place and are struggling vs monsters way below your level, you may want to just restart your assassin and try again.

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