assasin build


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assasin build

Tell me what you think about this pvm
and what gear that could be really good,

20 Fade
20 Shadow Master
20 Blade Fury
20 Cloak of Shadow


forgot, hell viable ?
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Re: assasin build

Don't max Blade Fury, waste of mana.

Don't max Cloak of Shadow. You can't cast another till the previous one wears off, so a maxed CoS will be unusable.

If I understood well, Blade Fury will be your main attack skill... So yes, with tactical Mind Blast for crowd control and proper gear, you can beat Hell. I do think it may be slower than most "classical" builds though...


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Re: assasin build

Don't max fade, it has seriously diminishing returns past about 14 points. You should be able to get close to 14 or 15 just with +skill items. Spend 1-5 points at the most for pvm.

And 20 is plenty high for your SM, so I wouldn't put more than maybe 10 hard points there.