asassin and wepon block questions.


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asassin and wepon block questions.

just a few quick questions:

1) how many points should i put into cloak of shadows before it becomes a black hole of points

2)is 10 points in shadow master enought to make it a solid tank

3)at what point does fades dimershing returns kick in??

4) for this 1 iv done lots of searches and found nothing of use (as u can imagin with the key words being wepon and block:rolleyes:)
can some 1 plz explain how it works, is the listed chance to block the amount used or is dex included in the calculation??

5)is calling your first hc assasin guardian as the name a bit to optermistic:rolleyes:


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1) I think it's a 1 point wonder - the less points the better

2) Not sure, I have about 4 or 5 hard points and +7 skills and it survives well enough (just reached Act 2 Hell)

3) Pretty quickly, but each extra point - not just hard points - gives an extra 1% DR which is nice.

4) Dex is ignored, listed block is what you get. I think a Guardian Angel improves it though - but don't quote me on it. Also, I think block is 0 when walking or running - compared to a third when using a shield.

5) Yes :grin:


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1. CoS is usually a 1 point wonder, unless you have a build specifically built around it.

2. Depends on how many +skills you can throw together. At slvl 17, she gains all her gear. At slvl 18 (and increments of 3 after that), she gains a level to all her skills.

EDIT: When I say that at slvl 17 she gains all her gear, I mean she gains all her base gear. As she improves in levels, the quality of her gear improves.

3. 1 point is usually enough if you have a smattering of +skills to take it the rest of the way.

4. The listed chance to block of the skill is your chance to block with dual claw. It blocks physical, ranged and elemental attacks, but only when you are standing still or meleeing. When running/walking, claw block does not work. I'm afraid a GA does not help with the blocking.

EDIT: Strangely enough, the block rate does contribute, even though the block chance does not.

5. Heh.