Article of the year. I´m serious. Check this out!


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Article of the year. I´m serious. Check this out!

I came across an article recently... a weird, scary and above all, SHOCKING(!!!) article. Many of the things covered in the article I have seen hinted at elsewhere and some speculation along these lines could be seen and heard in the mainstream media here shortly following september eleventh, so my surprise will not be anywhere near that of many americans when they read this.

It´s an extremely long article but please don´t let that discourage you from reading it all the way through. If you read nothing else pertaining to politics this year, at least read this. It´s well worth the effort.

A little appetizer:
Funnily enough, not only was Graham meeting with Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed when the 9/11 attacks began, his office has also acknowledged Graham was given a warning before 9/11 by a US government informant that an ISI agent named R. G. Abbas, in New York City to illegally trade heroin for Stinger missiles, pointed to the World Trade Center and said, "Those towers are coming down." This agent made other references to an attack on the World Trade Center. The informant passed these warnings on, but he claims, "The complaints were ordered sanitized by the highest levels of government." Transcripts of a resulting trial that convicted several US-based associates of Abbas were censored to eliminate all references to Pakistan. An NBC reporter was able to easily telephone Abbas in Pakistan, but apparently the FBI isn't interested in questioning or extraditing him.


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Took me a while to get through it and I got side-tracked by some of the linked articles too. I'm really not quite sure what my reaction to this is.

I was always suspicious about Pakistan not being considered seriously as a threat. They were certainly very deceptive immediately following 9/11 and were overlooked simply because at that time, they acted like "the good guys".

Regarding the Bush interview (several threads down), there are implications that Bush may focus on Pakistan and I hope he holds true to his words that every nation will be looked at differently. I doubt he will do anything as serious as invading Iraq in 2004 as its an election year and any offensive action, even political, will be used against him.

Then again, I never really know what's on that guys mind. The quote by Bush that stands out the most to me: "I'm a war president."