Arrowless Bowazaon


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Arrowless Bowazaon

A Bowazon without arrows you say? What can I say I'm a glutton for punishment. Before I talk about the plan for this build I want to mentions I read a couple Bowazon guides in the FAQ: Lone_Wolf's sniperzon guide and Moog_Playa's Simple Bowazon guide were very helpful. Thank you.
Knowing this build I'm playing may be a little (or very) weak so I twinked here with the following gear:

25: Gorefoot
Heavy Boots
Defense: 20
Durability: 14 of 14
Required Strength: 18
Required Level: 9
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0xf7211477
+24% Enhanced Defense
+12 Defense
2% Mana stolen per hit
Attacker Takes Damage of 2
20% Faster Run/Walk
+2 to Leap (Barbarian Only)

26: Cleglaw's Pincers
Chain Gloves
Defense: 8
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 4
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x428496f6
Slows Target by 25%

27: Snakecord
Light Belt
Defense: 15
Durability: 14 of 14
Required Level: 12
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xad754832
+28% Enhanced Defense
+10 Defense
Poison Resist +25%
+11 poison damage over 3 seconds
Replenish Life +5
Poison Length Reduced by 50%

41: Grand Charm of Anthrax
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 15
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0xaacb4c8b
+50 poison damage over 6 seconds

42: Grand Charm of Anthrax
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 15
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 23
Fingerprint: 0x39f479c3
+50 poison damage over 6 seconds

The Gorefoot was for the FRW and mana leach. The Cleglaw's Pincers was for knockback and slows target (of course). And the rest is for damage.

Here is my stat and skill point thoughts:
Strength: 75 I believe this is the required strength for the elite composite bow. I am looking for speed not damage because of the lack of Strafe ands Multishot.
Dex: will be split with Vit for the remainder
Vit: will be split with Dex for the remainder
Energy: Base

Magic Arrow: 20
Critical Strike: 8
Dodge: 12
Avoid: 7
Evade: 12
Pierce: 5

These are my main skills. The numbers represent when 50% is reached and will be the base (no +skill equipment on). That is 64 skill points. The remainder will go into prerequisists, Penetrate, Valkyrie, and Decoy as needed. I will probably max Valkyrie. My merc, I believe, will be a Act2 NM defense merc. The Holy Freeze will help.

Future equpiment will probably have mods as described in these two guides and are as follows: FRW, dual leach (mana being less important than life), knockback, IAS and of course resistances.

The strategy will be a combination between the two guides. I plan to cast Decoy at edge of screen to attract any monsters. Start firing or recast Valkyrie if needed. Run a round a lot and hope not to get hit. Here is were my merc will help. The Holy Freeze will slow down monsters that decide to attack me so that I can recast Decoy or Valkyrie or reposition my merc or Valkyrie. It will also help if I need to run away :)

So what do you guys think? I have played very little NM and no Hell levels so I'm not sure of mods spawning.


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I meant that I would not be using arrows or bolts. That strafe or Multishot will not be a skill I use. My main skill will be Magic Arrow which lets you use a bow or crossbow without ammo.


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Lone_Wolf posted a guide before the Great Forum Crash of '04 which he called a "sniperzon", which basically maxed Magic Arrow. One thing he did was to make sure he had some life or mana leech, because that way he could shoot in random directions until he saw the leech swirl, then keep shooting in that direction knowing something was there!

Incidentally, I wouldn't bother putting 20 points into Magic Arrow. IIRC level 13 is enough to make the skill zero-cost, and taking it any further is going to give you a tiny damage bonus, a small AR bonus (which you don't need because you'll presumably have high Penetrate and Dex anyway), and a little extra damage converted to magic damage--but elemental damage charms will probably work better against PIs anyway.


Diabloii.Net Member build...the point, folks, is to use only magic arrow, as it uses no ammunition...

I'd max it of course...use plenty of elemental charms for extra damage...and increase your Pierce...this will maximize potential damage for each shot you do.

Razortail, if you have it, will add to your chances quite a bit. Or use a Buriza. Maybe a bow that has a chance to cast a curse like Amp Damage, or an amulet, etc.

edit: I forgot to mention, Crushing Blow will be your friend...maybe use Goblin Toe instead of gorefoot.


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This build is viable. I was playing something very similar to this in the SPF HC ladder. I got her all the way to the Ancients in NM--she died because I didn't drink a purple pot fast enough...she was doing fine.

My input:
Max your valkyrie and load some points in Decoy as well. With at least a 10 or more in Decoy, you can get those annoying monsters (especially those ranged attackers) to not go after you as you fire away with your magic arrows. Decoy also adds as much life to your Valkyrie as it would if you were putting points in Valk itself.

I noticed that Magic Arrow seemed to have a higher chance of missing its target than firing regular arrows. But the bonus to AR and % converted to magic damage is very nice.

You'll basically need to be doing a LOT of maneuvering to avoid monsters, mostly ranged attackers.

Another thing I can mention is the Hit Causes Monster to Flee mod. I remember someone saying that this worked alot better than Knockback with Bowazons--your enemies will run away from you, usually in a straight line.

Good luck, keep us updated with her progress.


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Something else I failed to mention earlier...

My favorite gauntlets, and I may sound like a broken record here, are Lava Gouts, for their speed and Enchant casting...lvl 10 Enchant adds 101% to your AR, and a bunch of fire damage, which might be perfect if you have a bow with knockback built-in.

edit: typos...hard to type with a broken thumb :(


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About the equipment I twinked her with, that is the best stuff I have found for this character since my HD crash. I will however keep and eye out for the mentioned items.

I'm at work at the moment so I don't know the exact figures, but she is at the Jail level 1 WP and is, I think, level 14. I have 10 points in MA, but the mana leech of Gorefoot offsets that. I am now addin points into the passive and magic tree. I have 1 in Inner Sight, Slow Arrow, Dodge, and avoid. I am currently putting points into Critical Strike.

I have it set to players 4 and am doing full clears. The Dark Rogues, I think that is thier name, they first appear in the outter cloister, and the death clans are giving me some problems, but I am doing ok. With knock back the Smith was a peice of cake... eventually I knocked him off the screen.


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Still on players 4 I cleared the Jail and the Catacombs. Andy was not that difficult. I led her into the room with the lake thing in the middle. I ran to one side (long ways) started firing, she waddled over and when she got close I ran to the other. For some reason she never casted he poison spells.

I hired a prayer merc and he did ok in the Sewers. Radament was really easy once his minions were disposed of. My merc got himself killed twice in about 10 minutes in the Stony Tomb so I thought it would be best not to revive him.

The Rock Waste and the lower level of Dry Hills were not a problem. She is at the Dry Hill WP right now. The Halls of the Dead was quite difficult. The Greater Mummies were a real pain. I had to get all the skellies to chase me into one corner so I can get a clear shot on the Greater Mummy. I got hit a few times, but was not in any real danger. Slow Missle was exceptionally useful.

Critical Strike is now at level 7 and one point in Penetrate. HarleyQuinn, I know it's a bad name I was never good at naming characters, is now level 21 and is doing really good. I found a nice composite bow with +13 ED, 1-7 lightening, 1-2 cold over 2 sec. and 4% life leach.


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HarleyQuinn is now standing at the Arcane Sanctuary WP. I notice that I get areas done faster. I guess that is because I am running around everywhere which is, of course, quicker than walking.

I haven't found anything spetacular, but I did find a Unigue Hard Leather Armor with 20% ED, 20% CR and a socket. As for gambling it usually takes about 100 tries before I find a unigue, but on my second gamble of a circlet I found a unigue with +32 mana, +51%ED, 2 DR, 9-19 cold Damage, 3% mana leach, and 7% MF. Neither are too wonderful, but they will help me and they are better than what I had.

The Far Oasis was pretty easy. I love these open areas, plenty of room to run around. The Maggot Lair was not too tough, but it did get close a couple of times. Those Scarabs are on you before you know it and the lightening hits pretty hard. I would have hate to see me without Slow Missle.

The Lost City was as easy as The Far Oasis. Luckily I only found one pack of those guys that throw the poison potions, but, of course, it was a boss pack. I have learned how to manuver and I only got poisoned once.

Now the Claw Viper Temple and the Ancient Tunnels were a different story altogether. I absolutely hate those Greater Mummies. Some rooms were packed wall to wall with Returned and Embalmed. The cold damage on my Circlet helped shatter some, but I still had to run around like crazy to get shots at the Greater Mummies.

If this is even possible the Harem and Palace Cellar were even harder. No Greater Mummies thank god, but the number of Skeleton Archers and Mages was overwhelming. I had to run around to make sure everone was affected by Slow Missle then avoid the shots. In some areas there were so many I only got a few shots off at a time. I casted Decoy at the harder parts, but it took a lot of mana and with me not being able to leach off of the Skeletons I couldn't cast it as much as I wanted to.

So with a few Lightening and Fire burns I mad it to the Arcane Sancuary.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in my adventures, but I will keep posting.


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Well HarleyQuinn is now level 27 and is starting Act 3. I take back all I said about previous hard areas. The False Tombs were, by far, the hardest area I have done. I died one time, but being a SC character it was not a big deal. I tried to run past a group of skellies to kill a greater mummy and got caught. I could not free myself in time. The lesson for the day was patience. From then on I either kept killing the ones they were raising until they all shattered or lead them out of the greater mummy raise radius.

So far I have liked the totally open areas or the very narrow areas. The open areas give me room to run and the narrow areas (Arcane Sancuary and Maggot Lair) are fairly easy because when I stop the leader there is no room for the rest of the pack to get around. Now the "indoor" areas are not big enough for me to run around affectively, but not narrow enough to keep from getting swarmed.

Skill wise I have MA at 13 so it takes no mana. CS is at level 8 which gives me 51% to activate. Decoy and Evade have been added as well.

As I said the Arcane Sancuary was not all that hard. The Canyon of the Magi was likewise easy. But when it came to the False Tombs I was overwhelmed. I met 3 boss packs of Apparitions that had the Extra Fast mod! Also the tombs seemed to be packed with boss packs and skellie/greater mummy packs.

Durial was not that difficult. Although he rarely went after my decoy I kept running and firing until he was dead. I only had to go to town once more because I was out of stamina more that anything else. Durial, unfortunatly did not drop anything usefull.

For future acts I might have to drop the players setting down. So far I have been on players 4 and it has been semi smooth. If the end of Act 2 says anything about act 3 those freaking Fetishes will have me overan in no time. To help me here I might enlist the help of a Act 3 merc. Maybe he will be more helpful than the Act 2 merc.


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I guess I got a couple people atleast interested in my adventures so I'll keep posting...

The differance between end of Act 2 and the beginning of Act 3 could not be any more differant. HarleyQuinn Breezed through the Forest Jungle, Black Marsh and the beginning of the Flayer Jungle. She is now level 28 and getting anxious for Valkyrie. I've learned to use the Decoy quite well now.

I've always been afraid of the Spider and Arachnid Carverns. The Poison Spinner and Flame Spider have always hit hard especially when they swarm. With the release of 1.10 it seems these two areas have been toned down. They never attack me. I can be shotting one and three others will just stand there.

Sszark was the worse. Cursed on top of the massive damage they do they seemed to kill or give a very hard time to any character I made. 1.10 patch seemed to make him easier and he was even easier this time. I caught him at the edge of the screen and with knockback he didn't have a chance.

The game rolled Thurned Hulks, Drowned Cadavers and Glooms for the Black Marsh. Although I got Gloams I like the other two. They are slow and easy to deal with. The slow target on the pinchers and chill from the cold damage they seemed to stop.

The Flayer Jungle WP was right inside the Flayer Jungle so I decided to stop there for the night.

This is a little off topic, but I will be out of town till Sunday. When I get back I will play some more and keep you posted.


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Are you going to use MA exclusively as your attack, or have you thought about using a bow like Witchwild with automatic MA as one of its mods?


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Can't wait until you get your Holy Freeze merc...that should help out a TON.

I think you need to enhance the per-shot power of this build, with %-to-cast items. If you can get your mitts on a Delirium helm or some type that would be great. Maybe I'll let you borrow mine, since it's not in use right now.


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how can i have missed this thread

go JB :clap:

you sure has curage.

as you have read the first sniperzon build i wonder what you will think of the next one.

that said once i got the input i want for it.

*takes mental note to come back for the updates on this thread*


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DurfBarian said:
Are you going to use MA exclusively as your attack, or have you thought about using a bow like Witchwild with automatic MA as one of its mods?
The problem I see with this is if I use MA I know I can get 20+ level in it. If I use Witchwild I don't know the level of the MA.

Moog_playa said:
I think you need to enhance the per-shot power of this build, with %-to-cast items. If you can get your mitts on a Delirium helm or some type that would be great. Maybe I'll let you borrow mine, since it's not in use right now.
I hope something like that does drop. But I have already twicked her with what I deemed as enough. My next project, after this one defeats Baal Hell, will be an untwicked HC Arrowless Bowazon.

@lone_wolf I hope I am not stepping on your toes, but after I finish this one and a HC character. I plan to write a guide.


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i managed to get a build similar to this all the way through in 1.06. one thing i found very useful was a point or 2 in Freezing Arrow. this is great for act 2 and anywhere u get resurecting monsters.

why, well its the simplest way to shatter them and prevent the raising of minions..

perhaps i might see if i can repeat this build in 1.10..


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HarleyQuinn has now made it to the Kurast Bazaar WP. She is not level 29 and doing really well.

The Flayer Jungle and Lower Kurast was a breeze. All I did was keep any monsters busy with my Decoy as I picked them off one by one. The Swampy Pit and the Flayer Dungeon was a little bit harder because monsters flew around every corner.

I met a couple ghost boss packs and picked them off pretty easily. Various other boss packs were just as easy. I almost a little surprised how helpful Decoy is and how stupid the monsters are.

Well this is a short update, but I am tired and I am going to bed instead of playing D2... for once. :)


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JohnnyBravo said:
@lone_wolf I hope I am not stepping on your toes, but after I finish this one and a HC character. I plan to write a guide.
he he dont worry JB its only good if there will be more guides out there.

besides mine uses some quite expencive gear.

and i have no build for hc so make sure to write up that guide.

it will be a intresting read i assume.

ohh and for your knowlage wws gives you level 20 MA directly.

but i dont know if you get the ar bonus.