Arreat Socket Questions


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Arreat Socket Questions

Hello there everyone, got my barb up to 89 (Close to 90:thumbup:)
I'll give a breakdown of his gear / skills

Since I don't have immediate access to my character I'll guestimate stats

Str: 0 points base, at ~190 with gear
Dex: Max block, with gear its at 203~ or so. whatever the lowest needed at 89
Vit: Everything else, over 410 or so now (Almost 5k life with BO)

Helm: 200ed open socket Arreats (No idea what to put in it)
Ammy : Highlords
Body: Mage Plate Enigma 1090~ def
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Gloves : LoH
Boots: 47 War Travs
Ring1: 20 dex raven
ring2 : 18 str 2 dex 10%fcr +~60AR few resists ring
Main weapon: 40/360 Grief PB
Shield: Stormshield (Socketed with a Shael)
Switch weapons = 2x 32 Hotos

3x Warcry Charms (12% fhr, 40 life, 36 life)
Gheeds (105,36,15)
19/13 BTorch
19/14/10 Anni
10/64/12 Grand Charm
[email protected] 5% FHR sc
+2dex [email protected] sc

Resists :
Fire/Light/Cold = 75
Poison = 53

Alright, so my questions are pretty simple I think but I'm not sure what to go about doing.
1) What should I put in my arreats? I've thought of alot of different options. I've got nearly anything rune wise at my disposal but I'm not sure if I should go for some form of an ED or Max jewel? No idea which one I should get. Resists, +Life or ? Or is poison worth adressing? no issues with it really besides vipers down in halls


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Re: Arreat Socket Questions

I like the +damage and MF better for my play style. This barb is my rusher/key runner and boss runner so I enjoy the added drops. I dont really need anymore DS between the highlords and sword mastery and the 15% CB really isn't needed in my opinion when most things go down in a few swings anyways.

Just never really been a fan of gores for the most part, not sure why.


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Re: Arreat Socket Questions

Personally I like ED%/Dex jewels. ED% for multiplier of grief damage, and extra dex for block as you lvl.


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Re: Arreat Socket Questions

i use cham. frees up ring slot.
I thought about this, but I would have to find a +20 dex ring with over 200 AR + other stats to come out ahead in the deal. Since I'm using the 20 dex for max block and the added 200AR is very nice.

The ring would probably be just as hard to find as the 40ed / dex jewel



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Re: Arreat Socket Questions

Here's a few other options, based on what you think your biggest weaknesses are in your build:

Um rune for resists
Sol rune for DR (helps on Nili key runs against those pesky vipers)
Ith rune for Damage to mana
topaz or ist for MF

...if none of those really help you out, then just wait for a decent ED jewel and socket it. save a few hel runes in-case you change your mind.


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Re: Arreat Socket Questions

Thanks for all the feedback :)

Mana isn't really and issues since the merc has an eth insight.
Neither is DR since im at 43% or so already, don't really need to cap out for PVM
Some ideas i've been thinking about were either going with an ED jewel when i could find one or a jah for the 5% increased life. Seems like all choices are down the middle with no one single one standing out as a need