Armor weight..


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Armor weight..

How much would a gothic plate, opposed to a light plate, slow down a level 14 sin with BoS. Not sure how the armor weights work.


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I believe this info can be found on the Arreat Summit? I think it'll be in the vicinity of 10% r/w.


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As I understand it:

Light armors: 0% slowdown / stamnia drain
Medium Armors: 5% of each
Heavy Armors: 10% of each

According to, Gothic plate's are medium.

Medium Armor
5% Stamina Drain
5% Speed Loss



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Yes, but what does that mean?

5% of your FRW gets taken away?
Your net speed is 5% slower?
Does it affect gear FRW differently than skill FRW?


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keep in mind frw has deminishing returns, so if ur frw is already high, 5% wont do much. I doubt you'll feel any difference w/ bos.


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a lvl 14 ts sin using the right claw only needs i believe lvl 2 bos (might be 3). In which case 1 or 2 base points and angelics sword on switch.

There are no 40% boots, and you'll likely be using cks. So you don't really have super fast running.