Armor/Weapon Stands question...


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Armor/Weapon Stands question...

Ok, been running the heck out of Hell Meph and the Countess in order to build up my stock. Introduced myself about month and a half ago and have run my Hammerdin(cheese, I know) up to ** and have roughly 250% mf on him.

Anyway, back on topic, I've noticed something peculiar on my runs to the countess. Whenever I make the turn on one of the levels, there is an armor stand and a weapon stand that I pop just for grins on the way by. Almost every single time I pop the armor stand a Carnage Helm of some type will drop. If it does, then I know that the weapon stand will drop a falcata of some sort almost every single time. I just find this odd since the drops should be independent of each other, right? Or is the drop caculation of these two stands have a higher chance of dropping these two items and hence drop them most often?

I'm sure Hrus will be along to enlighten me, or at least I hope because it kind of bugs me that certain drops can be that predictable. BTW, I am running 1.11 and no mods.