armor stand probablities


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it seems like the map seed determines the possible armor stand drops. I'm farming LC for runes on single player and I will be able to guess with good accuracy depending on how the mobs are spawning what item is going to drop.

This last map I had was a spiked shield every now and then. a belt when birds were near. most of the time it was an armor I forget what type and then every now and then it was a grim shield. that was all I saw over 100 runs (small amount). it seems like it was patterned and not the entire loot table random each run.

any stats on this?

I'm looking for a Monarch shield. I'm level 90 and still haven't had one drop as white or 4 socket.

Also, it doesn't seem, based on the drop calculators, that stripping myself of all magic find increases my chances of getting a white monarch. It seems like the base item drops white a set percent. Magic find influences the odds of getting a magic item decrease and rare and unique increase, but the base item as white doesn't seem to change. (I know +MF doesn't apply to armor stands)

any stats on this?

any help is appreciated.



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The map seed definitely affects drops from armor stands on SP. The less else you stir up before checking them, the more reliable they are in that respect. I have a good LK map that drops ceremonial javelins absurdly often. It gave me Titan's twice so far, still hoping for an ethereal one.

Monarchs start dropping at a good rate from L80 areas on which is Tal Rasha's Tomb and beyond and areas whose level is "out of sync", like Pits and Tunnels.

I wouldn't take off MF gear. Only non-bosses can drop nonmagical armor and weapons and their chances on dropping it won't change much.

Regarding your bad luck, I had to wait for a white monarch for ages as well when I started out on SP. I found 1-3 socket ones, ethereal, magical, rares and a Stormshield before. I think I even finished Tal's set and found a HR or two before a white or 4 socket monarch finally dropped. As a compensation, it got 35% FCR on the very first attempt IIRC.