Armor, shields, and run/walk speed


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I was looking through this, and I realized I never hear anyone talk about armor weight anymore. Is this something we have internalized, or was it patched out at some point?

Is there a spreadsheet somewhere with TC vs max os vs weight/str req? Seems like something I might build it nobody else has.


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The exact value of FRW can be important if you planning a pvp char (every charm has to be useful, STR/speed glitching etc.) or trying to optimize your char as much as possible.

For general pvm, 20-30% is usually enough, even with heavy armor/shield penalty, and look >>>> frw when you choose your equipment/runewords.


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Body Armour & Shield Speed Penalty (%):
Light = 0
Medium = 5
Heavy = 10

I also consider looks and strength requirements, defense is really not a major consideration when there is not much in it between light and heavy armours.


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Personally I always go for a light armor when given the choice, partially because of the frw penalty but mainly str requirements (and looks). Maybe I should give it some more thought next time I make a RW.


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I only care about FRW and armor penalty on untwinked chars and/or chars where I cant get FRW elsewhere