Armor for Zealot??


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Armor for Zealot??

I play PVM, and trying to make a Zealot:)
i am planning on using
Weapon BOTD ba
Helm Coa
Shield Zaka
Gloves Draculs
Boots Gore riders
Belt String of Ears/Verdungo
What armor to use???
GA for the max res
COH for resists, +2alll
Stone for Defence
Fortitude for Dmg

or other good choices

What is the best alternativ?????


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You generally dont need the +maxres from GA on pvm, so i'd count that one out first.
You also generally dont need the def that stone can provide. As long as you hit fast enough, no problems ;)
I'd say go for CoH, not only because of the +2skills, but also 65%allres, and not least for the 200%dmg to demons/undead. Keep in mind most monsters are either undead or demons, so this will increase your damage quite a bit. CoH is the best choice for pvm imo


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Although I agree with Lorven that Chains Of Honor is the best choice for a zealot, I'd just want to say that 90 to all resists is actually quite useful, it's a huge cut in damage taken, and Guardian Angel also gives some extra block which is very nice...And it's easier to find than Chains Of Honor.