Armor for Holy Freeze Merc


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Armor for Holy Freeze Merc

So due to the suggestions of this forum I'll be getting a Holy Freeze merc and giving him an insight polearm [there's no way I can afford infinity]. I'm also giving him Tal's mask for the 10% ll. What armor is good for him? are there any low-mid runewords that would be good?

EDIT: This is for a currently clvl 89 hammerdin.


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poisonxfree said:
What armor is good for him? Are there any low-mid runewords that would be good?
I used lionheart (hel lum fal) and now i use stone (not sure of the runes and the right combination but the highest is um).

If u can afford it I also suggest you give him a delirium helm, great for crowd control and your merc will survive everything (14% ll from bonehew 2* Amn) even when mf-ing alone in 8 player games!



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for the main armor i would do duriel's shell and for the helm i would use horn face (just to be cool) or one of the crowns(peasents theives and ages)
or another great op is 3/4 hawin majesty set....


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i use superior eth archon duress, 1800 defense, cb, fhr, res, a little damage.

My merc is defiance and with andys helm nothing can touch my paladin or my merc.


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I have seen others slap on a Kira's Guardian and GA and the mercs are seemingly elemental immune! However if you go Insight think its best dat he has some sort of leech on him from other gear IMO. When uniques are concerned i agree that shaft or duriel's shell is kindda good for mercs.


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Duriels shell is great, especially upgraded.
However, i have always prefered Stone runeword. 60%fhr :drool:


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Cdnexpat said:
I try to get mine GA for the 90% resists. Is that a mistake?
GA only has approx 800 defense which isn't really enough for hell and when upgraded (to around 1200 def) the strength requirement goes up to 196. Your merc would have to be a very high level to wear that, i'm guessing about **-90, and at this level they have near on max resists anyway.

I would recommend Stone (Shael + Um + Pul + Lum) in an eth armor. This will give a whopping 2600-3400 defense and top up the resists with it's +15%. As a hammerdin you wont be relying on the merc to kill loads of stuff and keeping him alive to cast his aura is the most important thing.

If you do want the killing factor go for duress (Shael + Um + Thul) for the resists and crushing blow.