Armor for a fire claw druid?


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Armor for a fire claw druid?

What armor should I use for a fire claw druid?

Right now my gear is...

6x Sheal Phase Blade
Ik Gloves / Belt
Sandstorm Trek
Ravenfrosts / Saracens Chance

So I have everything except armor. CoH is too expensive, so what would be the next choice? I was thinking a +2 Valor would be nice.... But I'm not sure.



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Valor just has too much str req. also you won't get high def for a bear druid so high def armors are a waste

great choices would be lionheart rw, (hel + lum + fal)
has some great mods, huge stats + res

shaftstop if you're in need of damage reduce

or even a smoke would be ok aswell, for the high res


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hes using stormshield, using a valor wont be hard because of the strength bonus. he could actually hel the stormshield, use valor with the strength bonus, and save some stats from being wasted into strength.


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try stone for your fireclaw druid, its not as pricey but its hugh defense bonus, 60fhr, +resist, +str/vit are worth while.


He's using IK Gloves and belt, jalals and an SS so he should have more than enough strength for a valor.

Use a +2 Valor.

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Since Fire Claws is a "pure skill", meaning, rellies solely on the skill itself not on weapon dmg, +skills seems to be the most important...And strength should not be a problem, I'll agree with Valor, and possibly a 5/5 die Fire Facet


enigma, period.

you need the str/frw, especially when facing casters. Bp enigma, druid can never get over 20K def, so socket in archon is useless.