[Build] Armageddon: why the timer?


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After casting Armageddon, the druid is unable to use any other skills for 6 seconds, and this is as frustrating as it sounds. I won't even get into why Armageddon is an awkward, random skill to deal damage with, but with this casting delay, it is almost like the developers were trying to mock you for using 6 wind skill points to get to Armageddon in the first place...

I wish so badly that the timer had been patched out of it. Look at the Hurricane for comparison, which is so much more useful for damage and freezing, it has no negative side effect at all...

edit: I am making a Fissure/Armageddon druid right now, because I think this is an interesting skill despite the timer, and the fire tree is my absolute favorite to play with.


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After casting Armageddon the Druid cannot cast any other skill with a casting delay until that of Armageddon has expired, but skills without casting delays can be used without restriction. Hurricane actually has the same casting delay, but since the skill you're most likely to use with it (Tornado) has none it doesn't restrict you as much, while the skills you're most likely to use with Armageddon (Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure and Volcano) have casting delays as well.

Holy Dude

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Why always the fire spells with timers? Immolation arrow, fire wall, hydra, meteor, druid fire skills, etc.?


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lol fire spells..... cooldowns.....

Sidenote i use geddon on my fury druid. Earthshifter is a wonderful weapon.