Armageddon/Werebear druid: Any sugestions?


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Armageddon/Werebear druid: Any sugestions?

Hi, there. I’m usually found in the Single Player Forum, but this is a Druid’s issue, and fits best here. In first place, I apologize for the poor english, is my third language. To the point, then:

I’ve been playing a werebear / armageddon in the last weeks. His name is Henge (Henge is a prefix for Hengeyoukai, a shapeshifting spirit of the japanese legends, and a sufix for stoneHenge ?). I’ve planned the character until level 85, with all quests done (96 skill points), but level 90 is also a reachable level (101 skill points). The planning up to level 85 is as follows:

Elemental tree:
05 pre req
01 firestorm
20 moulten boulder
10 fissure
20 volcano
20 armageddon

Shapeshifting tree:
01 werewolf
05 lycanthropy
01 feral rage
01 werebear
01 maul
01 fireclaws (left click skill)
10 shockwave

Summoning tree:

I play the char this way: Turn in werebear, cast geddon, shockwave the enemies, attack with fireclaws while geddon burn then to ashes huhuhu... :evil: *ahen*, sorry. Eventually, I recast geddon and shockwave.

From level 85 to 90, the char will gain five valuable skill points. Here is one trouble. I can’t decide were I’ll spend these skill points, but have figured out some ways:

- 05 points in firestorm (to increase the geddon damage) or fissure (to increase duration)
- 05 points in fire claws, to increase damage from a source other than geddon
- 05 points in shockwave, to increase stun lengh
- 05 points in the summoning tree, to get lvl 1 grizzly, oak sage and pre req.

I would really like to hear someone’s opinion here. I’m also open to sugestions about skill placement.

Other thing that is yet not decided is a end game weapon for him. For now, I’m using a Dark Clan Crusher (+2 to all skills, +1 to shapeshifting skills, +% to AR), but I’m also thinking in a Hexfire as a viable option (+3 to fire skills is pretty sweet). For end game, I was thinking in use Earthshift and a six-shaelled phase blade with a rhyme shield in the switch, for elemental skills buff and fire claws attacks, respectively. But the str and dex req for this would be so much! Sugestions, anyone?

Well, is this. If some of you, druid experts laying around here, can give some feedback and sugestions, I would be grateful. Mata, ne.


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I'd put one point in Oak Sage. It's virtually a free life boost/distraction. You can't go wrong with just one point, especially if you have +skills items.

And then, with your extra points, I'd put them where you think they're needed from experience. If you need more life, add Lycanthropy or Oak Sage; if you need to kill faster, add more to Fire Claws or Armageddon.

Good luck with the build!


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I agree on 1 pt into oak. I'd place fewer points into shockwave (just 1 will suffice, especially if you use any +skill boosting items like jalals, anni, etc). If you're going to use fireclaws, I would max it. Something like:

20 fireclaws
20 armageddon
40 pts into mutual synergies (i'd do molten boulder for one of them, you can pump it first and quest normal with it easily, until you get enough levels to use armageddon)
1 point oak
12 ish into prereqs (the 5 windskills, 2 more fireskills prereqs, wolf, lyc, maul, werebear, feral rage)
1 point shockwave
rest into lycanthropy

Some gear suggestions:

hat: jalals
armor: CoH if you can, skin of vipermagi is a cheap substitute
shield: SS if you can, mosers is a cheap substitute
gloves: I like magefist here, good +1 fireskills and FCR for shockwave. CB crafts would be a decent choice too.
boots: Waterwalks are good, goblin toes would be competent for CB
belt: How about trangs? will add more life than verdungos i think. other choices would be verdungos (DR/vita), arachnids (FCR/skill), tgods (str/vita/lit absorb), string of ears (DR/MDR)
rings: +AR/stat/resist rare and raven frost?
weapon: Not real sure here, I think hexfire will be sluggish. Silence runeword in a phase blade has loads of good mods for you, and might hit a decent fireclaw frame but I am not sure. Stormlash might be decent too. Obediance runeword has gobs of good mods for you but will be hopelessly slow for fireclaws.

charms: I like shapeshift skillers here, they give nice boosts to your passive abilites like defence, life and shift duration. They will also shoot up your fireclaws damage quite a bit.

switch: I like either demonlimb for its enchant charges or a wand of LR to pump more damage against hard targets. Stormlash would be a good boss switch too.

merc: HF or defiance? Equipped with something mean to poke with. It looks like he is your only hope against fire immunes.


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I've got a druid like this who uses earthshifter. The damage is great, but it really messes w/ stats. Even if you really charm up the str a LOT, you still need to go very heavy in actual stat points to weild the darned thing. The resulting lack of vit, dex, & no sheild makes you a pretty weak werebear all around. To some degree, moving points from the fire skills to the werebear skills helps a little.