Arm of King Leoric vs. Beast Scepter


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Arm of King Leoric vs. Beast Scepter

Hey all. I have, like most everyone, an alter ego Necromancer. This one is my counterpart to my Poison/Skelly and my Bone Prison/Iron Maiden Necros, and is solid Summoning.

However, I'm perplexed as to what would be more beneficial:

The Arm of King Leoric - which totals to a -****load- of bonus points into Raise Skeleton (+3), Skeletal Mastery (+3), Raise Skeletal Mage (+2), + 2 to Summoning Spells, and + 2 to Poison and Bone spells (i.e. Corpse Explosion!).


The Beast runeword in a war scepter that would give me a whole lot of energy and strength, and of course...level 9 Fanaticism for my undead legion. (Which equates to roughly 25% more attack speed, and 99% more damage.)

Which would be most suitable for my build?

For this build, my intent is:

Raise Skeleton = 20
Raise Skeletal Mage = 20
Skeletal Mastery = 20
Raise Clay Golem = 9
Golem Mastery = 2
Summon Resist = 20

Amplify Damage = 1
Iron Maiden = 1
Life Tap = 1
Weaken = 1
Terror = 1
Decrepify = 1
Dim Vision = 1
Confuse = 1
Attract = 1
Lower Resist = 1

Teeth = 1
Corpse Explosion = 5
Mad Mantis said:
Use the AoKL to prebuff your army and then switch to Beast.
yeah thats what i did on my summoner .. you'll lose some skellies when you make the switch but the ones you have will still be much higher quality if you summon w/ aokl (almost double the damage in my case).


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Ya the Arms of Leoric will make stronger skeletons and when you use the beast, their dmg will increase.

slappy sam

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Raise Clay Golem = 9
Golem Mastery = 2
Summon Resist = 20
These should all be 1 pointers. I have an untwinked summoner like yours and they are fine at 1 point untwinked. The golem has enough life and is cheap enough to cast with 1 point on golem/mastery, and summon resist runs into severe diminishing returns. I suggest maxing corpse explosion instead. And go with the AoKL on switch with the Beast as your primary weapon. :thumbsup: