Are you a star wars fan?

Which would be the best?

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I'm inbetween "nothing special" and "hating eerything about it and hating the cult who follows it"

While I dont hate the group of fans for the movie, I do think its a pretty lame movie (admittedly, I have not seen the newest one, but I have seen all the others... I'm talking about the series in general more than any individual film), and I really dont see whats so awesome about it, that it has such a big following.

So, I'll vote "nothing special", simply because I dont think I HATE it, but its a bit stronger than "nothing special", its more like "this movie sucks", because I think it does suck.



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Why so hate?

The movies are barely above average, but so what? They can be funny and worth an hour here and there. And why ever turn down a chance to do something fun, light, and socialble? Why rain on someone's parade?



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Well I dont "love' it..but I can see why people do. So the Star Wars fans understand my love of LoTR....and I'll understand their love of StarWars.

In the end, we both enjoy good movies and an adventure.


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Not really; I have fond memories of the original films (I saw ESB and ROTJ when they first hit theaters) when I was a wee lad but it doesn't excite me much anymore. It's a bit too superficial for my tastes.


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Meh...I have never been a Star Wars fan. If I were younger like when I first saw the original, I may have enjoyed the last three more, but to each their own.


Garbad_the_Weak said:
> I hate star wars, and i hate the star wars cult that follows it


don't get on me for that, i didn't vote it. i do, however, know some people who do feel that way, so i just threw it out there


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Garbad_the_Weak said:
> I hate star wars, and i hate the star wars cult that follows it
I hate 'Barbie & The Nutcracker and its fairy princess fanclubs but I dont shout that about!


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i was like 8 or so when i saw the first movie, that was so awesome ! luke skywalker pwns, i got a lightsabre from my parents(plastic one offcourse) and i was battling my brother daily

goodtimes :D


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one of the best series ever made IMO(i am talking about the original one IV V and VI) just saw new hope again and i am about to see the empire strikes back :D


I like the original Star Wars movies, but movies other than comedies for favorite series I'd have to go with LotR.


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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Take a wild, shot-in-the-dark, one-chance-in-a-million guess as to what I think.:rolleyes: