Are you a musician? Tell us about it!


Are you a musician? Tell us about it!

Just thought it'd be good to see who plays instruments here. I've played guitar for 3ish years :).

I have an Admira Malaga (acoustic), Yamaha RGX121 (Leccy) and my Crafter FX550 EQ (semi). Could an American confirm for me that Crafter are a British brand?


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I've played the drums for 12 years now. I did concert, marching, and jazz band in middle/high school, and also had my own band. Once I went to college, though, I didn't have time for any of that, so I'd just jam by myself whenever I had time.

I've got an older Pearl set, but I'm planning on selling that and getting a new set once I figure out where I'm going to settle down for a while.

I absolutely love being a drummer. It's the most stress relieving thing I know of, incredibly fun, a bit of a workout, and a great creative outlet. Music is life.


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I play guitar and some bass. I own a gibson SG, a fender acuostic, a jay turser eggshell bass and a carvin 50W tube amp. I mostly just play the acuostic these days.


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heh, I also play piano/keyboard. I'm in a melodic black metal band o.o
I enjoy writing original pieces, both classical and black metal.
I have played string bass since fifth grade(going to be a Junior next year) and I have played electric bass since eighth grade.

I mostly play for myself in fact I hate playing while other people are around. I can play most Weezer songs by heart as well as most McLusky stuff. I can usually keep up with any other band as long as I have gone through the song at least once before.


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I used to play French horn, and the mellophone in marching band. Played a bit of piano a looong time ago.


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I play guitar, I have both an electric and acoustic, although I prefer electric because of the versitility.

I can play bass. I know the basics of electronic production. I will soon be composing music with a friend of mine (most likely in the realm of electronic dance, trance, etc).

I also mix vinyl records: I'm a trance dj.

Music is easily my life. I'd love to make a living at performing live dance venues.


casually playing a pearl drum set for 5 years, but until i put the time into getting better, im still all about exploring music


I can play just about any brass treble instrument. I mainly played french horn and trumpet. I taught myself how to play piano but I am not very good. I used to play guitar but again not very good. I sing as well, used to be in a jazz choir and now I just dabble in drunken karoake.


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I play french horn(classical), as well as trumpet(jazz), and clarinet(Jazz/Classical) and different variations of clarinet(ie.Bass,and Eb)).


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I play in the piano and I used to play the clarinet but I stopped last year because I was too busy for other stuff.


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I've been playing guitar on and off for about 5yrs. I own a Gibson SG Gothic, and a lil 75 watt amp, along with a GNX3 guitar workstation (sound effects, recorder, wah-wah pedal, etc). I was in an alternative rock band as lead guitarist/vocalist about a year or two ago. We practiced daily, wrote an album's worth of songs, played a few gigs, then disbanded when one of our members got married n moved away. Oh well, I'll be optimistic about joining up with some new people when I move to a bigger city soon.

I also have messed around with computer software designed to create electronic music a bit. I'll be getting a keyboard pretty soon, passed down from my parents. It's not a top-of-the-line model, but it'll do. I'd someday like to get a drum set and turntables/sampling equipment and be able to combine it all to make some solo music.


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im a concert pianist

i havent played in awhile, i also play keyboard/piano for jazz band and know how to play sax and clarinet

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I have a keyboard in my room I haven't used in years. I could do a mean "evergreen'' and some (very easy) pieces of mozart back then though !!! I probaly can't even find the "on" switch nowadays ...



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Played Bass Clarinet for 4 years from grades 7-10 in the school concert band.

Started playing drums 6 months ago. Play on a 5 piece Ludwig Accent Custom. Play mostly metal, and might be playing drums for a friend's power metal band. I also play death/black metal.