Are these skills worth maxing for PVP?


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Are these skills worth maxing for PVP?

Dragon Flight
Lightning Sentry
Wake of Fire
Claw Mastery

:p Could someone give an explanation of why for each one? Instead of just saying yes/no. lol.


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It all depends what kind of build you are aiming for.

Dflight - I can say 99% of the time, maxing this skill is not neccessary. The main purpose of Dflighting is to get close to those range and caster type of character.

Lightning Sentry - If you are a lightning trapper, maxing this skill is a must. Otherwise, putting 1 point in here for death sentry pre req will be enough.

Wake of Fire - I play my melee assassin and I am happy with putting 1 point in here. The main purpose of laying this trap is to lock up your opponent, so you can Dflight in and get a good hit. Maxing this skill doesn't really give you a massive damage boost anyway, leave it in 1 point.

Claw Mastery - If you use claws, max this. More damage, higher percentage for critical strike, nuff said.

Correct me if I am wrong......



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I'm building a hybrid trappper/martial artists.

I know I can put 20 into:

20 - tiger
20 - dragonflight
20 - light sentry
20 - wake of fire (can this skill kill anything in pk? w/ mindblast? at least hurt)
20 - shadow master (possibly not max this)

1 - death sentry
1 - mind blast
1 - burst of speed

and i'm probably missign something, so yea.. thats about it... i plan on doing a caster on a weapon switch, prob wiz spike/lidless wall and chaos/storm on 2nd weap switch.

i have a variety of gear to switch between fighting elemental/physical chars, please give me more input .. i nkwo maxing drag isn't nescesasry.. but i will use it as a form of killing people :p


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TS is useless in pvp nowadays, and so is 20 points spent in one trap. The only useful MA skills for pvp are DTalon, DC and DFlight. WoF might do enough dmg with all synergys maxed if you are a good player who can utilize mb or get the player in block lock when you dtalon them.