Are there any Non-Sorc Teleport items besides Jewelry? ifr


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Are there any Non-Sorc Teleport items besides Jewelry?

Just curious because i have a Bitter Wind rare 22/22 charge teleport ammy but it's a bit of a pain popping up to town all the time to recharge it. My Hammerdin is doing ok on runs killing, but i figured a Tele item might shave even more off the time.

Before i sound like a dolt on the trade forum asking for something that doesn't exsist i was curious if something indeed did exsist so i could look to trade for one.


p.s. Just remembered Enigma has +1 to Tele correct? That might be a little too expensive for my taste with only pgems to trade.


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the runeword enigma. Teleport without charches, it will cost mana like for a sorc and it's the only item with this ability
Steelspell is fun on a Melee guy for the Decript as well but the # of teleport charges is lower so more repairing.
easyer to find than the others.


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Enigma (runeword) - only off-skill item in the game for Teleport.

The Oculus - only item in the game with CTC Teleport.

Spellsteel (unique), Naj's Puzzler (set) - only items with consistent Teleport charges.

Common and rare amulets and circlets, orbs and staves - up to SLvl3 Teleport charges on the formers, SLvl6 on the latters.

Without the expense of Enigma or ability to wear any orbs, the best bets would be:

Spellsteel for a melee character;
Naj's Puzzler for a caster;
Amulet, circlet or staff for anything else, depending on which item spot the character can best afford to give up.