Are Skelatons a waste if they die in 2-3 hits in hell? ifr

Are Skelatons a waste if they die in 2-3 hits in hell?

Why not just concentrate on revies, poison dagger/nova/CE?

Please note, I am new to the necro, so I am looking for info on what to do & what to avoid

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Where did you get these weird ideas of frail Skellies? Have you been talking to the other classes in this game? What did we tell you about that?

Skellies are a very viable and easy means of completing Hell. The build takes just 44 skill points to complete. After that all you need is a Might Merc and some +skills and your good to go. Adding other skills will dramatically increase your killing speed.

Take you time and read the guides. Browse the threads on the first two pages and use the search function. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find lots of info on the meatless shields commonly employed by us.


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hmm Fanatic Lister took 3 hits to kill one of my skellies I think, other than that....

Usually its 7-20 hits.

Skellies do die in Act 5 players 8 rather often if not enhanced with +skills.... but even just 22/22 RS/SM will find their skellies dying about 1-2 every 3min or so... usually at least from what ive found, despite the fanatic boss packs. They could also be getting out of range /shrug.

Skellies are very viable and will get you to hell act 5 and beat act 5 imo.

Decryp, Amp, Clay Golem, Summon Resist, Golem Mastery are also needed.

Corpse Explosion is also needed.

After that, whatever you want to put in.


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what are youre stats??

cause my skelly dont even die in hell, in a solo baalrun they all stay alive (if no IM), and i just the more expensive things but 47 minions at max helps alot.....

and most pple dislike our summoners cause they say it causes heavy lag, i almost never hear that in duels with him only from the "uber gosu" builds who think they are the best and are pwned by a mere summoner~~

and youre minions with the right aura are very powerfull: pride (or infinity), beast and might merc, and with my own build i just needed 1 point in revive as i almost never have max summons (let stand 20 more) i focused my points more in BS and BS and 1 point ofc in CE and hitting the cows, makes my nec a killing machine

you can look for the draco bone/summon thread or for the summoner thread these are stickied on top of these forums



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You "need" +skills. It's as simple as that.

And it's not too difficult for a Skelemancer to get +skills --- since there is a lot of stuff he does NOT need: leeching, FCR, blocking, IAS, damage anhancers, ... a lot of the stuff that other classes need are not needed here.

The higher you get your summoning skills, the better your crowd will be.


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Also in some ocasions, try to use decrep instead of amp dmg. Extra strong monsters hitting fast and hard will cause your skellys to colapse even if they are very high lvl. Physical imune specters come to mind, physical imune frenzytours and so on. Decrep will help on damage reduce while providing half of amp dmg bonus.


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+summoing stuff can be found rather easily, this is why the skellimancer is one of the best untwinked characters around.A Golemlords Wand (+3 summoning) can be shopped in nightmare, or a +3 RS and possibly +3 to SM can be shopped in act1 norm (Akara). +1-3 RS and possibly +1-3SM can be found on a necro head in act1 normal as well. That's a relatively easy +4-6 to your main skill, not including any other +skill stuff that you may find.

I'll echo what others have said, make sure you have a might merc, they make a big difference in your army's effectiveness. Also make sure you are a decent level in hell, as your army's level is = to your level, and clvl plays a big role in the chance to hit formula. If you are too low level, your skellies probably wont' be able to hit anything.


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some of my skellies die during boss fights, and i have had a couple occasions getting into fights against multiple aura packs that do a good job taking down my army. for the most part, it's not that bad, but i'm encounter minor setbacks once in a while. my gear is relatively low grade though. just around +5 to all skills. and i have a might merc with strength runeword...


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you can try getting some summon skillers plain wich are not that pricey around lem-pul each on europe ladder at least~~

and you can try to aim for poor nec gear:
undead crown
marrow +2 (if possible for some mastery)

or try a TO set wich gives a few +good skills

perhaps i have a few items to spare if ya low on things on europe ladder at least pm if ya need some low stuff think i have a few pieces of TO a spare shako and a homu~~



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Like everybody else said before me.

+Skill +Skill +Skill +Skill +Skill +Skill :D

Summonmancer NEEDS skill points above everything else.