Are rare items dropping MF dependant?


Are rare items dropping MF dependant?

Hello there. Been playing D2 LOD upto 1.11b patch and got bored by being excessively rich :)
I used to go by the "xvicex" username there. Making my comeback from scratch on the Euro Ladder realm :)

I just forgot something....
(i) Does MF affect the chance of rare items dropping?
(ii) And is Clvl85 good enough to gamble good rings in hell?

No longer have the time to do endless MF runs, HF rushes, Baal runs etc ;-)


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Better Chance to Find Magic Items affects the magical level of any item dropped which can be magical or higher. So, item types which can have affixes, like armor and weapons, would take that into calculation. Charms, jewelry and jewels are always at least magical, so it won't affect them until the rare or higher roll is made. Also, champions and superior monsters never drop mundane items which can be magical, so that is treated the same way.

For rings, it depends on the affixes you're looking for. Leech on jewelry reachs ALvl85 for amulets (life) and ALvl86 for rings (mana), and gambling is a span of nine levels (+4/-5). So, to gaurantee every affix on any ring you gamble, CLvl91 is advised, but I believe the next lowest is ALvl81 (minimum damage) for magic-only. If you're not interested in the two highest affixes of those types, I'd say CLvl85 is fine for gambling rings, and probably even crafting them, assuming you still don't want max leech on them, but you don't need to be in hell to gamble them. Gambling uses your CLvl only, but using higher act merchants, like Anya/Nihlathak, is advised due to unresolved bugs in the game concerning upgraded items (this doesn't affect jewelry, obviously).


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Axe2Grind meant to answer your first question with "Yes, in a positive way" :azn:

Regarding rares, set items and uniques, MF is subject to diminishing returns which means, MF is replaced by (MF*X)/(MF+X) with X=250 for uniques, 500 for set items and 600 for rares.