are necros pk'er targets?

Goth De Luse

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are necros pk'er targets?

i was reading a thread about how common pkers are,when some one said,"maybe they like ammazons more than necromancers". and that got me thinking :scratch: pkers chose necroes as primary targets?when i play i usally find about 2 a day trying to kill me(and not working,they always seem to try and kill my pvp bone necro only to have a but load of magic damge trown at them).

why the necro?
are we particulary easy?
do we have the best items?
what whould make them chose any 1 class over the others?


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Probably more the prestige of actually managing to kill a necro. Killing a well-built bone necro is very hard for melee characters and attacking a summoner runs the risk of getting IM'd as you attack his minions for the full damage return rather than the PvP balanced DR they'd get if they hit your necro.

Necros got some serious respect in 1.10. They are both highly beneficial party members and effective soloers.


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I still am a summoning b*tch...and have lagged my share of pk'rs as well as bots...though I'm a summoner first and foremost before anything else.



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Pherdnut said:
runs the risk of getting IM'd
Iron maiden is wonderful when someone tries to melee pk you. I once wouldn't PP a barb so he hostiled, he saw I was soloing baal in a trade or duel game (don't remember), as I had a tp open from throne, so he hostiled me and tried to pk me.

To make a long story short the moron did a long WW at me, got Iron Maidened (by me), and lost a pretty good pile of gold and a handful of experience.

It's so much more savvy to let monsters kill pkers than to kill them yourself.