Are Bandit Shrines Too Rare?



Goblin. Goblin. Goblin

Fans regularly post forum threads asking about Bandit Shrines, which have been extremely rare since Patch 2.3 went live, and especially since a hotfix decreased their frequency just before Season Four began. (On the PTR they were not much rarer than other types of Shrines, and I saw probably a dozen during the patch testing.) A Blue says that they still exist, and are intentionally uncommon.

Can someone confirm they are not only fossils at this point?
Tyvalir: Bandit Shrines are very real! Their spawn rate was bugged on the PTR, which caused them to appear way more often than intended. Since they are an unlisted feature in Patch 2.3.0, the fix to them was also not mentioned anywhere in the patch notes.

Their current appearance rate makes them more of a sudden and unexpected delight, which was always the intent behind them. Hope that helps! :)

Another delight would be to have their actual appearance altered so us speed demons that spam click everything in sight don't accidentally trigger one without warning the group.
Tyvalir: That makes sense - I've had my share of accidental clicks on these shrines before realizing what they are (since they're visually identical to others). Will pass this on! [source]

The second point is debatable. Yes, definitely Bandit Shrines are super valuable and it's better to clear the area a bit and get a firing plan ready before you pop out a dozen goblins. That said, I can see arguments on both sides of the proposal:

  • For: Bandit Shrines should look different because they are different and special.
  • Against: Noticing Bandit Shrines before you click is a skill, and the game should reward attention and diligence.
What do you guys think? And more to the initial point, have you seen Bandit Shrine(s) in adequate numbers? Do you think they should be more or less common? Let's survey... Are Bandit Shrines Too Rare?

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Video, if you want to see the Shrine in action.

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Voted not common enough.
While I agree they were far too common pre-hotfix (I got three doing one set of bounties, was starting to get fed up by the third one and was already starting to not care about individual goblins found in the wild) I haven't seen one post-hotfix.


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I've managed to see 1 since the hotfix, which is a little crazy, they were way too common beforehand though.


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this season so far i think i've encountered three of these shrines, always in some wide open map, mashing away at things and suddenly thinking, oh crap! worst thing about the whole ordeal is it happened during solo play, making all efforts to kill all goblins futile.

i do believe they should remain rare because:
we can basically almost go to gheed's domain and the not-cow level anytime we want.

the bandit shrine shouldn't be as rare as the star of azkaranth but, you know, just not common.


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Saw my first at around P500 into the season. And then a 2nd not long after. So, they seem quite rare, but I'm okay with that. Makes them exciting and fun, and it's not like they're critical for anything, like the drop rates of certain items.

At first glance I feel like they should have a different appearance, because both times I found them I blindly clicked on them not realising they were bandit shrines. But, as it turns out, this actually made them all the more exciting.


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I never felt so out of control as when one of the TGs that spawned was a Gelantinous Sire. Once he "popped," mental TG fatigue set in. I couldn't even focus at that point, and far too many escaped.


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I've had 2 in seasons, one was a clan invite, the other found doing split bounties.


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Don't really care about them, only care about blood thief. If none pops out, I keep going. If I were to vote, it would be to leave them as they are.


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I have seen only one bandit shrine. I clicked it like many others have without even thinking and then had to scramble to try to kill the gobs. Unfortunately when I clicked it I was a hair shy of hitting level 70. The goblin massacre that ensued pushed me up that last tiny bit, but all the legs that dropped were level 69. It felt pretty lame, and I haven't seen another one in my game since (though I did join a clanmate's call for goblin murdering assistance on TX and that was pretty amazing).


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I've seen two before reaching P100. But I'm lucky this season - I've found a RoRG before reaching level 70.


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Three so far at P300. Which seems to be quite good going all things considered. I don't think they need any visual changes. I clicked the first one without looking and swore a fair amount as goblins ran off all over the place but that's just made me check now before clicking shrines. They're a bit like Ramalandi's gifts - nice to have but something that RNG can screw with royally.


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I think I've seen four so far, and I dinged p400 last night. I'm okay with the rarity, but I'd really like them to give us a visual cue. Maybe a little rotating jester's cap or something fun like that.


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It needed hot fixing, it was pretty high before but now it's too low. They hot fixed it too far IMO. It should be rare but not this rare. And it should be a different color.


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Uh are they the same when those blue that spawns in 5 or 6 comes ? then no i havent seen one of those yet i think..


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Flux, are you ok? "Flux was last seen: Sep 12, 2015"