Are AuraMancer's good??


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actually scratch that (not enough to reply about) what exactly IS a AuraMancer? I mean i havent ever seen any guides or anything...please someone explain what a AuraMancer is


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I think your meaning this build found in the sticky at the top of the page(Essential Necromancer Information), the build is called The 'Commando' by The Kbob (utilises aura's found on items). I cant get the linky to work, but I made a necro very similar to this build and have much success with it


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I use what has come to be known as a Commandomancer. Basically it's a necro who goes melee and uses skeletons with as many auras as he can get from items and mercs to help them out. For example:

-Might Merc with Bramble Armor and Insight Weapon (Might Aura, Thorns, Meditation *for mana regeneration*)
-Beast Runeword Weapon (Fanaticism)

So that's four auras for the necro, three for the skeletons. That's basically what it comes down to. There are other auras available in items but these are the most popular.


LOl NO they dont work if you expect to lower resis n run around wit dreams / dragon. dont forget auradins get aura powered up by sys, necs dont got any. its weak dont bother! but if he wants the melee damage thats added then .. i guess it could work but pvp wise no, aura or melee


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derekdoo said:
its weak dont bother!
For a character so weak, he sure can kill in Hell pretty fast...

Paladins require no strategy at all. Hammerdins: teleport and hold a button down. Zealots: Hold a button down. Chargers/Smiters: Hold a button down. FOHers: Hold a button down..etc etc etc etc.