Archane's ISO/FT


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Archane's ISO/FT

*Update* Only Going to put items that are worth more than just P Gems in Current Stock.
Too much hassle for everything else.

Current Stock FT:
Seraph's Hymn (1 Def Aura, 26/28)

What I have in stock does not include the runes I have. If you wish to sell something that is in my ISO list, let me know you're asking price.

Currently ISO:
45+ War Traveller
2/2/2 Tal Rasha's Orb
Fire GC's
Runes Pul +
Perfect Gems
SOJ x2
Sorceror Torch
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Re: Archane's ISO/FT

Too many. XD
For example 40 PGems is going for a Pul on USWest?
8 Pul's to make an Ist.
2 Ist for Shako
(8*40)*2 = 640 Perfect Gems
Even if you had that many, I don't want to go through the trouble. Lol.