arachnid mesh, blackborg, other poison necro gear?


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arachnid mesh, blackborg, other poison necro gear?

I have no idea what types of items these are, armour, shield, etc. I understand the trang pieces,the death web, bramble runeword, but if somone could give me a run down on desired poison necro gear. Thanks

Liessa Wyrmbane

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My gear:
- Shako (5/5 psn facet)
- Death's Web 2/2/-49 (no socket yet)
- Mara's amulet
- Vipermagi (4/5 psn facet)
- TO gloves + belt + shield (pdiamond)
- two rare mana + res rings

I use Vipermagi instead of Bramble, because I play in hardcore ladder and I want my resists maxed. Always. Besides, Bramble is do darn expensive. :)
I'll give you a rundown of Softcore Us east Ladder (thats me):

Um'd Shako
Superior Mage Plate Enigma
28 maras
2/2/-54/12/12 Deaths Web (5/5 psn death)
Trangs Gloves + Belt for Pit runs
Trangs Gloves + Arachnids for LvLing
2 x soj
Um'd 194% Homoculus

Q & A:

Why not bramble and use Enigma?
Teleport. Teleport. Teleport. With 8.6-7k Pnova (lvl 44 Pnova), bramble aint gonna be much help. Any 5k Pnova already owns pits, and its a joke doing pit runs in 8 player games.. absolute ownage. Did I mention teleport?

Why not Trangs 3 piece set?
Browsing through the forums, I read that it takes upwards of 225 dex to achieve 75% block in hell (adding dex as you lvl ofcourse) with TO Wing. With homoculus, you get its great mods, better resists, and only needs upwards of 125 dex to achieve 75% block. Trangs gloves are a must, and I only use trangs belt in pits for the CBF mod.. no real use for arachnids in the pits, so i might as well use something more useful.. (lol alot of "use" there).

Why a 2/2/-49/12/12 Deaths Web and not a 2/2/-50 Deaths Web?
The +life/mana mods per kill on DW is absolutely awesome. With an ownage Pnova, you always have full life / mana. I wanted to get a 2/2/-49/12/12 EXACTLY because: Its EXTREMELY cheaper than a 2/2/-50/x/x, literally, on trade channels for us east ladder, a 2/2/-50 deaths web goes as much as 4 sojs, sometimes 5 with a 5/5 psn die. When i saw someone spamming a 2/2/-49/12/12, i quickly grabbed on that opportunity, offered 2 sojs + jah, and the deal was done.

Got any more Q's? PM me, i'll be happy to answer them as correctly as i can.


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Take a look at my poison necro guide. It should answer all ur questions and then some.

Arach Mesh is the Unique Spiderweb Sash, a belt
Blackbog's Sharp is a Unique cinquenas(dunno how to spell it), a dagger

Gear is important, but even more so are the poison/bone grand charms. Your goal should be to get as much +skill as possible without sacrificing too much defense. (fhr, res, def)


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I use full trang's set.. my resist are almost all maxed. Yeah, you did need lots of dex to max block.. but, I think the full set bonus is nice. (+3 all, 60% mana regen......). Now, only thing I need is a deathweb :yep:


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Cool that is what I wanted to know, I should be closing a deal today for the last piece of trang equipment. But I wont have much else, besides an ume's wand heh. I do have a +3 poison and bone circlet and a homoculous but too many of the other things are hard to get.