AR problems


AR problems

Well, I've heard many people saying that if u put the 2*angelic ring + the amu u'll have like 20k+ Ar. Well, I have put them and I don't realy reach that far... 11k is best reachable with only one ring and a raven, too. So do u have some advice?

What could be the influences?
max dmg/ar charms are nice, plain high ar charms are nice (but not as good as max/ar imo), metalgrid if you're on ladder, thats about all i can think of.


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Perhaps your level is too low. The people getting 20k ar have maxed combat and mastery skills, and are typically level 76+. At low levels and with low modifiers, your angelic pieces won't add that much.



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Also wear an Arreats, best barb helm period. You mentioned you only wear "1" angelic ring then ammy and a raven... use two angelic rings + ammy, you will see much better results. You can also use hsaru's boots + belt for another 900+ AR boost (although at this point you are beginning to sacrifice too many other good options, ie gores + verdungos).