Anyway to stop characters from leveling past a specific level?


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Attempting a special challenge of sorts to break up the monotony. Since I lurked through some threads and topic about LLD.. what about low-level gaming? So I thought up a fun challenge.. and that is advancing through the game as far as possible, on HC, at a static level 15.

The rules are such that I can twink (however returning items from the characters they xfer'ed it from is a no-go-- since it is against the spirit of the concurrent sept challenge I am doing). I am free to rerun any stages, acts, difficulty that I beat. And lastly, I can not advance past level 15.

My only problem is.. how do you prevent your level from advancing past a specific level?-- I really really.. (99x).. really do not want to rely on Hero Editor.

Thoughts, comment, suggestions?


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I don't think there is a way - at least not via FAM. Even on SC, you'd need to get to NM before you can repeatedly kill yourself to lose exp, and that requires a lvl 20 for the Normal Ancient quest.

How about just self-limiting yourself by not using the skill/stat points after lvl 15? Same with item lvl req. There's still the hp/mana gained per lvl, but I don't think it'll be that big of a difference.


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Well if you grush to NM/Hell once you hit 15, you can be rest assured you won't level for quite awhile. If a level 15 could even handle NM let alone hell.

At lvl 15 you could use a bugged Raven claw with lv 33 exploding arrows. With fire arrow synergies you might do enough damage to at least clear A1-3 nightmare. You can also forward some prelod dual leech jewelry with level req of 4.

You'd probably be better off creating a classic character IMO, there aren't level req on uniques and everything is easier. A sorc can still static everything down, so at lv 15 you could theoretically solo the whole game. Static + fireball + ice blast. Now you have me wanting to try such a low level challenge, okey. :p