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@zemaj Yeah I wouldn't like the idea of not having muling programs if we were to do a ladder season. I added in my input to the ideas he had, below his post. I don't mean to try to steal his idea and make it my own. I just added what I thought would be fun and I think if you're doing a ladder, you have to have some kind of competition when you are starting over untwinked.


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Im quite fond of the idea of SPTF trade pool combined with the seasonal SPF ladder/resets.

Though i think gomule should be allowed. Cause even if it were restricted, you can always do the old style stash of creating mule characters. =P

Perhaps something along the line of annual resets, with a dedicated thread like IFT, where youll post about your progress, or to talk about setting up pvp 'rooms', etc...


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Edit: Hmm, looks like you are poisoned. To be honest, S&E at 1 life while being poisoned makes the achievement a bit dubious. Would have been more convincing if you were at 1 life after suffering 347 or so. I'm not sure if you're really poisoned, however.
You got me. I let myself be poisoned, teleported into the Fana pack and then let the poison slowly take me to 1 HP. I guess I'll have to give up the achievement again :(

EDIT: It's sarcasm. Just making sure :D
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You got me. I let myself be poisoned, teleported into the Fana pack and then let the poison slowly take me to 1 HP. I guess I'll have to give up the achievement again :(

EDIT: It's sarcasm. Just making sure :D
It seems that a misinterpreted a few things on the screenshot. I confused the visual effect of fanaticism with a dungeon feature and the green ghosts with a poison effect. But as I wrote, I wasn't sure.

Yes, it's not very likely to get to 1 life from poison in that scenario. I wouldn't be surprised if it unlocks another achievement :)


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@srrw that is what I am thinking! We could all start fresh and agree upon a start and end date. Have entry fee or donations as prizes for the first to get to 99, or if nobody reaches 99, the highest in the standings at the end of the ladder. All items and characters could be separate for a ladder only reset and season and then at the end, all of the items and characters could go into our regular pool of items.

Basically just modeling it after the actual resets, but with prizes. I think having a certain entry fee like a mid to high level rune, sending them to a trusted member to hold onto them. And then scale out the payouts at the end.

We could even do things like building duelers for people who don't want to try to grind to 99 or be the highest level. We could have duels for all levels and do low and mid level dueling competition or tournaments too.

I think it would offer something really fun, that would allow everyone to be on a level playing field for a certain amount of time and see who can get lucky and put in the work to get high levels and to make good dueling characters.

I think it would encourage a lot of MP playing too.

A ladder is a great idea in my mind! It gives us all an excuse to start making untwinked characters and will make finding mediocre items or items that aren't the best of the best, super fun again. I would assume that you could freely move items between LADDER ONLY characters during the season. I would say every character could be untwinked, but if we add in a dueling element, especially low or mid level dueling, we would have to be able to twink them with our LADDER ONLY finds.

Lots of potential for really cool competitions and fun building characters from scratch. Perhaps we could set it up so characters who are aiming for the highest level during the season, have to be all self found. But characters that are intended for dueling, can bring items from other LADDER ONLY characters. So much potential!

If there are people who want in the Ladder and can't afford to, I am sure the wealthier members would help the newer or less rich members to get into the Ladder. Or we could set up a donation system or something. Or we could have no prizes or entry or donations, but I think having good prizes at the end or for dueling tournaments would make it much more fun, competitive and would draw in more people. If a lot of people did it, even if the entry fee for the Ladder is a rune like an Ist or Vex that most people have, it still would offer up a nice bounty at the end if you pay out the top few highest level characters at the end. We could also do dueling tournaments and have entry fees for those as well.

Since we all have so much gear and stuff accumulated already, this would be such a fresh change and new excitement for us all. I would think that most people would be interested in doing it, but I could be wrong. I really think it could boost activity on here by a ton! I love it!

We could assemble a committee to set the rules and regulations and figure out amongst themselves. I would definitely volunteer to help set the thing up. I was always a ladder player when I used to play on the realms (post 1.09 that is). I never really did it to go for the highest level though, I never got to the top. I did it because I enjoyed everybody being put on an even level playing field and having the fresh restart of having the excitement of finding things that you have a million of on Non-Ladder.

I would be intrigued if we could get enough to do classic and HC too. But to start, I imagine SC 1.14d will be the only way to make it work right off the bat.

Brilliant idea @logoutzero buddy!!!! I am very glad you brought that up and I really hope we can get the momentum behind it to get this thing working well. And since it's like a reset type of thing, we always have ways of making it better via trial and era.
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The only problem with prize hoarding/sending is that membership waxes and wanes over time. I'd hate to see someone (as unlikely as it may seem!) get a pile of runes/whatever and just disappear. In fact, I think this was even in the SPF rules at one point in time...

I like the timed aspect, and SP Ladder characters reverting to FAM status at reset is exactly what I was thinking. A race to the top isn't my cup of tea, but it wouldn't put me off entirely. We already have the 99'er challenge(s) here, and most tournaments are along the lines of [first Guardian wins] and compound that by the trend to eek every millionth of a percentage of speed and efficiency out of MF running what-have-you, I was thinking of a more relaxed environment.

Remember joining a random pub game on the realms, questing through an act, and making a friend? The advantage here would be, we're all somewhat friends already. Or at least, share the same view of the game. That's what I am reaching for, casual, slow paced, any drop can be exciting gaming.

I think we should have a few more drinks and continue to discuss it.


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@logoutzero the person holding the runes or entry fee, would definitely have to be someone that everybody trusts or a moderator. I wouldn't think someone holding an entry fee would be too difficult. Nobody appears to be thieves and there are certain players that are more than likely going to be here consistently for at least a year into the future.

I just liked the idea of having something to shoot for, other than straight pride(edit:by straight pride, I mean only pride. LOL). The Ladder Dueling Tournaments entry fees could be separated from any of the entry fees for the highest level of all characters or of each class. Or that could also be included in the fee, allowing slower paced players to have options of winning items via dueling. There is always the option of donations instead, but I like the idea of an affordable entry fee and the quest of obtaining something really worth while.

We could do highest level of each character class at the cutoff date, the highest overall level of all classes, dueling tournaments that could use initial entry/dentations or have different entrance fees. It would be cheap to do it all, but with enough people pitching in, the prizes could be pretty nice.

I really like the idea of having goals to shoot for and the promise of prizes(that I won't win because I don't play enough lmao), but it would make it fun and probably get people to play more. I love the idea of MP games coming about. Sometimes it does get lonely and the idea of having real players to play with, sounds great. Doing MF and Baal or CS runs would be a blast.

Also the idea of starting new characters from scratch and everyone on an equal footing sounds excited. Racing through the game and running runs with each other to level up fast. Having reset groups. Having a trade pool that could be traded in game with each other, where items like Wiz Spike and Shakos and Vipermagis will be desirable early on, would be a blast. No trading runes or Pgems from your "NON-LADDER POOL", there would be a lot of bartering and there probably wouldn't be a currency until runes became somewhat think and/or Pgems because desirable and enough collected. We would be bartering a lot!

Maybe my added ideas to @logoutzero are no good. I am sure lots of input can decide how we run the whole thing. Sorry if you feel like I am hijacking this. I am just presenting what I have felt to be a really fun idea for a bit. It could definitely help people who are bored or have almost every item already at their disposal.


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A new thread would probably be best for the whole topic and a type of committed could be created to oversee a Ladder Season modeled after NL.

Decide of entry free and payouts based on level, items found and dueling/PK rankings. Each least one character from each class in each highest level class and even dueling could work, allowing for fairness.

It would take a decent amount of participation, but I don't think it would be a huge problem. Especially if we had prizes for different categories. So many online players to this day, come back to and make it a super active place when it is desirnn


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@logoutzero it was this dude's idea to do the ladder. I don't want to hijack his idea, but I am very interested in it and would love to have input considered. I don't want to start a thread and steal his idea though. I think he has some different ideas than I do. I don't know if we should have a committee or how to to about deciding the final rules and dates and such.


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If @logoutzero doesn't want to run the thing or doesn't mind shifting roles in its creation to other members, I am willing to work out a system for it today and offer it up for approval or any suggestions, concerns, etc.

I have ideas based around basing it on the leveling aspect of and also having a winner for each character class, along with overall winner. I'm not sure if any of us could reach 99 in the time span, depends on how long we decide of course, but could go by highest level/exp for overall category and then one of each class.

I would imagine we would only get enough people to really do a softcore 1.14d ladder.. but I guess if enough wanted to do HC we could all do HC or have a SC and HC and classic is always possible, but I doubt we'd get much on here for classic. Classic was more of a way for me to get away from bots/dupes/hacks/toxic people.. when it comes down to the game being played legitimately, expansion has so much more to offer.

I'm not sure how people feel about having a dueling leagues or tournaments within ladder. There could also be MF competitions.

We could hold a permanent dueling league throughout the season and have a ranking for everyone. So if say I am #3 overall Barbarian, I could be challenged by lower levels and we could have a system where at the end of the season, the top dealers could get rewarded.

I like the idea of an entry fee into the ladder and then possibly fees to get into MF/dueling competitions, tournaments or leagues. It doesn't have to be an extravagant entry, but enough to where enough people entering would make some nice prizes to be had. Could also be donations and some of the newer players that don't have much yet, us with runes or whatever could help them out possibly.

I will make a thread that won't be an official thread for ladder, but a place where people can send their input. I just want to check with @logoutzero first. I already feel like I am totally hijacking his idea lol.

I plan on jotting down what I come up with on paper today and I will share with everyone later.

If we do entry fee.. say 1x Ist or 1x Vex or w.e we decide for general ladder and then do entry fees for dueling league and then for MF/Rune competitions, we could send the entry fee to one of the most trusted members or admins that would be willing to go through with holding them. I think we all trust each other here.. this isn't no jsp lmao. Everyone seems cool and legit here.

I don't have an idea on length yet, other then using ladder seasons, but I think ours would need to be longer, as we aren't all able to play nonstop and use bots nonstop like they do on there. If we cut it 6 months, we would never get a chance to duel or do much trading.

Last night i posted a lot of my ideas, but I was slightly 'medicated' and was rambling lmao.

I think having the option to play ladder and "regular" SP on here would be fun. Starting fresh and even with everyone is always fun.

I wonder if having a tag attached to the characters names would make it easier to differentiate between NL and Ladder and make sure which is which and that the items stay in their appropriate lanes until the season is over. Like if we named ladder 1 A-"name"... but a lot of people might not want the ugly names.

So @logoutzero if you want to make thread or delegate it to someone else, give us a holler in here and we can get it started.
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Well, for characters in the ladder, it would be as easy as a new Save Folder. I've done this for years. I have multiple save folders, and whichever one isn't active gets renamed something like "FAM Saves" or "Vanilla Saves" or "Tourney Saves" etc. just to keep them sorted.

The thought of an entry fee/prize pool is intriguing, just remember the time dedicated and investment VS. potential for reward. If Tommy-Jo the forumite can farm Council/LK for 10 hours and get 5 runes higher than Ist, then what is the appeal to spending an Ist to win X amount of Ist+ over Y months? I'm just throwing out numbers, but hopefully you see my point. Add to that, unless the prize is awarded a considerable amount of time before reset, then you aren't even winning a prize for the ladder, since it will just revert to your normal FAM/MP(T) pool.

@Jamie I don't feel like you are hijacking at all. The whole point of me posting was to get a rough gauge of interest, and maybe some ideas I hadn't thought of.

As far as a Dueling League, as far as I can tell we already have that. If we did duels in the ladder, it would cripple the equipment choices and builds somewhat, but the advantage of the regular FAM dueling is, those members that are a part of it are willing to rush and gear new characters for new interested members.

My main concern is, the more features we try to work into this SP Ladder, the more it just becomes a sub-set of the existing multiplayer/trade pool. Most members here have already voiced that they are NOT willing to restart, so how much interest could there really be in trying to maintain 2 fully functional MP and Trade pools? It starts to feel more like a fracture to an already limited player base, instead of a way to entice more co-op play.

I personally am not ready to start a new thread, just yet. Being said, I would not in any way be hurt or insulted if someone else did make a thread. I know not EVERYBODY comes to this thread, but we haven't got more than a couple showing interest. A standalone thread would draw more attention to the idea, true, but I would like to have the opportunity to research some of the older ladders, and the current dueling club, and try to get an idea on the trade activity before really pulling the trigger. Is trading dead because we all have full stashes? Or have we shifted away from MP and now have a mostly self-found member base? These are things I want to figure out before bringing the idea into the spot light, if that makes sense.


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@logoutzero If you mean people fully restarting their whole D2 accumulation, I could see why people wouldn't want to lose all their stuff. This would be a separate ladder restart where peoppe can have a new reason to start untwinked characters, while also having their original stuff. And when the season ends it all goes back to regular anyway.

The entry fee I made was just an example, I would think a fee that is affordable for most and combined with a large pool, would be a nice little gift. Climbing the ladder and winning would probably be the biggest motivator, but even if it was low high level runes, winning a nice pile of them for being the highest character at the end would be a nice prize.

I do think trading and MP games are probably down low, due to a majority of the people having a vast wealth of items. Perhaps ladder play would spark up trading and even doing baal runs with groups and what not.

I could be totally wrong, I am trying to apply the same principles of ladder on, to here. When ladders restart online, it always brings in a huge pile of players. A ladder with actual 100% legit play would be even more enticing, in my mind at least.

Dueling doesn't have to be a part of it. I just thought it would be fun doing dueling leagues where every player doesn't have the same exact gear and builds, due to items coming at a premium.

It would make it so the ladder would have multiple goals for people.. being the highest level, accumulating ladder wealth and trying to get the best dueling gear they could find.

It seems like the best way to bring the community close together, have everyone on an even ground for awhile and invite a lot more trading and MP games for dueling/leveling/questing.

I would rather someone start the thread that knows how to make good threads that are put together well, look pretty and able to be adjusted and changed a lot.

Or course we could start one thread as just a rough draft and to see what kind of interest we get. Then we can have an official thread eventually.

I plan on thinking about ideas today and jotting them down and anyone interested could also. We could then decide on what would work best.

Or maybe we don't do it at all and just do as we have been lol.

It did seem like a lot of the people who came across it, buried in a different thread, were very interested. So I would think if we made a thread to judge the interest in it, it might go over well.

Players can continue to do NL and not participate and players could continue to do both. Since the ladder items at the end will to back into the normal pool, it won't be hurting anyone who is trying to continue to find goodies on non ladder, like me lol.


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Main issue of co-op playing is unstable host. We did pvp a lot, but it was always the same problem - unstable and unreliable host. Delay was unavoidable, some skills totally desynched character (Whirlwind, Charge) and without teleport you literally never know where you really are on the map, you can be 90% you are not where map shows you are. This delay issue is especially annoying with any HC in mind. To die from mistake is one thing, to die because potion didn't want to activate or because your character is desynched would be bad.


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What would really motivate me is the MP aspect of it. Talking smack, whacking Fallen, dueling with crap suboptimal characters, Baal runs etc, etc. I don't really have an interest in a prize pool since I pretty much have all I'll ever want in SC. I wouldn't mind contributing to it if it's your thing.

What Gripphon says about the stable host is true. Especially since some of us are from Europe and others from Americas it's really annoying at times.

I honestly miss the days where there were proper Private servers with no botting, modding, godmode and what not. Especially here in Bulgaria we had a couple of really well maintained ones. Non of the annoyance. Just pure D2 multiplayer awesomeness. Ah, the nostalgia... :D

I only plan on playing a single character anyway and no GoMule so managing my stuff won't be a hassle at all.