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On the calculator, make sure the Primary Weapon is selected as the left weapon slot. By default, the Secondary Weapon is left weapon slot and causes the calculator to factor in WSM bug. This is why the slower weapon shows a faster attack speed. I spent the 2018 MFO with a 10 FPA Zerk due to this calculator quirk.

For anyone who's curious, here's a test to see WSM bug ingame and to confirm the attack speed calculator results. First equip something slow on the left (Alibaba for example) and Grief PB on the right. Make sure the Grief doesn't depend on Alibaba's dex to be equipped. Weapon swap will automatically make left weapon slot the Primary Weapon. You'll get a slow swinging Alibaba with Berserk. Now pick up Alibaba and place it back into left weapon slot. Now you'll have a 9 FPA Berserk with Grief, just as the calculator says. Do weapon swap twice and you'll be back to the slow Alibaba. Grief does not have any +strength or +dexterity, so there is no opportunity to auto WSM bug the left weapon slot to always be Secondary Weapon even after a weapon swap.

Calculator is showing 52 IAS total to reach 9 FPA with PB + Dagger.
Wow this was indispensable. I don't think I've ever even noticed that button. Lol the word needs to be spread.

@art_vandelay assuming it works correctly now (which I THINK it does), you hit 9fpa zerk with gull dagger in off hand with 20ias total (and 32+ias grief). So you use loh + trangs belt, as I assume you would be doing in a budget setup anyways. There are probably good iterations using HLW as well. Fun stuff. So i think using gull is just cool anyways, but I will certianly play the character a while with gull to make sure I like him before investing in a 6ist pb.

@Fruit I've never messed with it, but I think the weapons speed bug has been well known for a long time, most often mentioned for dual claw assassins.


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Oh I wasn't being skeptical, I'm not even familiar with the specific bug you're talking about, so I have no opinion on it. I merely meant to point out that if you'd record an attack and note that it took x frames to play the entire animation, that isn't necessarily the entire story. Regular attacks (under normal circumstances) are probably fine, but knowing how many bugs dual-wield and weapon switching have had across the patches, I wouldn't trust the animations to tell me what's going on. Especially the rollback skills can not be trusted.

Strafe is probably the easiest example, because if you reach the client-side 2fpa breakpoint, after you've finished the entire attack sequence, you still can not move for a short while because server-side you are still busy shooting arrows. More skills are affected by this de-sync, but I'm not sure to what degree.

For example Frenzy specifically has some weird stuff going on for it, but is the client-side rendering even doing the same calculations as the server? Similarly, if they(Blizzard) did not properly update both the server and the client to deal with this weapon speed stuff for skills like Berserk, there may be a de-sync there as well. They were never too secure about keeping the client and server aligned, the LCS is good proof of it. Just food for thought, you know. :p


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Weapon Speed bug: if you dual-wield, weapon speed is averaged, and normally that works just fine...but if you make the boot-side weapon primary (by lifting and dropping the glove-side weapon), it averages, then ALSO adds the WSM of the boot-side weapon and subtracts the WSM of the glove-side weapon.
gWSM=glove-sideWSM, bWSM=boot-sideWSM

Normal: Adjusted Weapon Speed Modifier = (gWSM + bWSM)/2
Bugged: Adjusted WSM = (gWSM + bWSM)/2 + bWSM - gWSM
Example 1. Hydra Edge(WSM10) and Conquest Sword(WSM 0)
Normal: AWSM = (10 + 0)/2 = 5
Bugged: AWSM = (10 + 0)/2 + 0 - 10 = 5 + 0 - 10 = -5

Example 2. Suwayyah(WSM 0) and Runic Talons(WSM-30)
Normal: AWSM = (0 + -30)/2 = -15
Bugged: AWSM = (0 + -30)/2 + -30 - 0 = -45

Example 3. Legendary Mallet(WSM20) and Phase Blade(WSM-30)
Normal: AWSM = (20 + -30)/2 = -10/2 = -5
Bugged: AWSM = (20 + -30)/2 + -30 - 20 = -5 + -30 - 20 = -55!!

Note that it CAN work AGAINST you as well...
Example 4. Phase Blade(WSM-30) and Legendary Mallet(WSM20)
Normal: AWSM = (-30 + 20)/2 = -10/2 = -5 (same as example 3)
Bugged: AWSM = (-30 + 20)/2 + 20 - -30 = -5 + 20 - -30 = 45 (FAR slower than unbugged!!)

So you always want to make sure the faster weapon is the boot-side one!!

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Trouble is every time you switch weapons, it is reset. So it won’t work with a 105 FCR tele / hork switch, unless you manage to auto bug your weapon switch with strength / dext requirements.


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Nice bug. Pure quality.

I suppose leaving & joining also resets it, so you have to unequip -> equip your left weapon at least once every game to trigger the bug?


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Yes. It is mainly used for PvP Assassins where you can struggle to balance IAS and FCR.

Every time you need to switch weapons it resets. I think taking a waypoint too.


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Quick question: I'm leveling a sorc and just cleared Normal. I want to make a quick Insight polearm and have a Voulge with 4 sockets ready, but wondered if it was worth farming for a Bill instead for the marginally increased damage? Obviously I'll be replacing it in Hell, but damage isn't really much of a concern at the moment when my blizzard and fireball are wrecking face and I have a Hota and Spirit waiting to be equipped.


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ehh I'd just make it and upgrade late nm/early hell as needed. The dmg is really only needed when facing immune monsters, and even then it's going to be better than a lot of things.
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Once upon a time there was a thread or post regarding how people organize their GoMule projects and stashes. Does anyone have a link? I can't seem to find it via both searching here and Google site search :rolleyes:

I wouldn't mind if you shared some screenes of how you're GoMule looks so I can steal some ideas.


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so did you unpause to count the frames until your death? Fanat probably puts that at 2-3 frames.

Also how dare you. Once again: There are HC players on this forum!


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I'm still on the S&E screen, I got distracted by something :D Nice estimate, but sadly my eyes aren't that good, so I'm just going to roll the dice again ;)


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We have a S&E option like that on SP, so I think it's perfectly legit. After all, it isn't easy to do it with 1 life left. So yes, achievement unlocked! Wouldn't have worked on bnet, however.

Alt-F4 doesn't count in any case because you cannot make a screenshot of it then.

Edit: Hmm, looks like you are poisoned. To be honest, S&E at 1 life while being poisoned makes the achievement a bit dubious. Would have been more convincing if you were at 1 life after suffering 347 or so. I'm not sure if you're really poisoned, however.


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So, I've been struggling with staying interested in anything lately. I have a couple of completely vanilla characters in Nightmare, a myriad of unfinished tournament entries, and currently no MF/Rune runner.

As I've been playing my vanilla characters, my thoughts wander to something like an "SP Ladder" of sorts. I guess it could be considered a long running MP Tournament, but I personally would lose interest if it turned into a race.

So what I'm thinking, is really just a set of restrictions, with co-op play and trading encouraged between the entrants. Really it would boil down to something like this:

  • No GoMule/ATMA/extended stash, and by extension, un-twinked.
  • Re-roll map each session.
  • No manipulating /p setting. You've got to MP if you want increased drops/experience.
The idea, at least in my mind, is that as time marches on, even in Hardcore, our stashes become saturated with goods, trading becomes reserved mostly for people on a fresh start needed essentials, or very optimized characters searching for off-the-wall specifics to improve efficiency. It's hard to get excited sometimes with an Exceptional Set or Unique dropping (outside of tournament play) when it's so easy to just turn it into binary dust on a stash. I think, with enough players, it could reinvigorate the MP/T pool around here, and act as a sort of a SPF-wide opt-in soft reset.

Anyone have any thoughts, or interest?


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@logoutzero Like you mean ladder seasons on SP, where we play and meet up in MP games (only MP games?) and start fresh every so often and run it like a ladder? But you said a race would make you lose interest, so I assume you mean not exactly the same as a ladder race?

I think a ladder season that lasts so many months and could be a race to the highest level by the end, or first few to reach 99. And we could either have like an entry free based off of runes or have donations that go out to the top characters at the end of the season. Or we could have a tournament of dueling to win the items at the end of the ladder season, before the next starts.

My questions would be:
1. Do we have to play on MP with at least another player, each time?
2. What would be the goal if we didn't make it into a leveling race?
3. This would be a fresh start with no gear or characters already owned or started, whatsoever at the start of each SP(or MP?) Ladder?
4. How long would we go for? Like the typical ~6 month Ladder season on
5. Would our items and characters go back to our normal SP Pool once each season is over?
6. Could we have a rune entry free and the top so many plaers at the end or the first to hit a certain requirement, be able to win prizes at the end? Depending on how many people join in, could have entry free of a certain Rune or a combination of Runes that equals to that, if someone doesn't have that rune at the time.

It sounds like it would be kind of cool. When I played still, I always played ladder. I loved the fact that you could start over and be fresh with everyone for fun... except for the players that bought items through JSP and other places and the dupers that ruined it really fast. On here, it would be all legit and make it a fair ladder, assuming trading items from your main SP pool for "Ladder" items would be banned, until it was over and your items became a part of your regular pool.

I know you said you didn't want a race, so I am kind of curious what the main goals would be.

What I came up with, was just what I thought would be my favorite idea for making an interesting side thing to do for people who are beginning to find things dull. Getting to start from scratch every so often and having the competition of winning prizes and bragging rates. But without a race and possibly prizes for entry or donation, I don't know what would make it any different than just starting your own characters untwinked on your own time. Especially if there was no competitive aspect brought into it.

There could be categories of highest level chars or first to 99 pople. There could be dueling categories where the best PvP players made in different dueling categories could also win prizes. I think an entrance fee of something not outrageously high, assuming lot of people partake, could make out for some really nice prizes to win for different cateogries: dueling, highest levels, highest level or dueling based on each character class.

I think it sounds really fun. I keep wanting to start untwinked characters, but there is so much I want to get still on my twinked characters and that keeps me playing them. This would get me going for a ladder.